[Poll] Which plugin should I use? [PvPServer]

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Which one should I use?

  1. Towny

  2. Factions

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  3. mmoParty

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  4. Other (Please post what you recommend instead!)

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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently developing my server called HazeCraft
    Its based on PvP. Combat, Raiding, Wars etc.
    However, I'm finding it difficult to decide which plugin I want to use that best fits my needs OR will make my server better and more fun!
    Here are my options and reasons.

    - The Good -
    Towny is an amazing plugin. You can create towns, nations, expand and more. Towny adds a sense of realism to servers with towns. There is even a war feature but is still in development.
    - The Bad -
    Though I'm still confused on how raiding would work with Towny, probably won't even work at all.
    Also, the commands are kinda endless. So many commands even I always have to check. This is something no random user can just remember.

    - The Good -
    Factions! Fantastic plugin. The idea is so fun. Its more combat based than any other plugin I'm going to list. Create a base with your friends or recruit random people. Expand your base and even create multiple bases. Ally and Enemy other factions. Its simple yet so effective. I also love the protection system and PvP. You can also edit Friendly
    - The Bad -
    One word. Overused. I know this is minor but I'm hoping for HazeCraft to be unique. Every damn server I go on has a VERY high chance its using Factions.
    I don't want people to build bases underground. This REALLY frustrates me. This makes raiding more difficult and these people are basically unraidable. (new word :D) The only way to actually get in their base is: Trick them into tping you to them, pretending your an ally and won't betray, pretending to be on their team then betray or as we all have experienced, hack! If there is a way to stop this, please please tell me!

    - The Good -
    mmoParty, probably the simplest I have chosen. This is pretty basic, easy to use - User-Friendly :)
    Along with mmoDamage, parties have no friendly-fire! It can be seen as a much basic version of Factions with the parties. In the future, a raiding system for the plugin could be added which is an upside.
    - The Bad -
    VERY Simple. Bases would not be that great as this plugin does not have any protection system. This means bases on the worlds surface would be easy to raid, just destroy blocks. And underground bases, well, lets not go there again.

    Obviously I don't know every plugin that is like my idea. Please comment with a plugin that could be great to use!
    Please complete the poll, and if you're feeling very generous, please spend a few minutes describing what you think of the plugins, your experience with them, which one I should chose and why!

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    Why post this twice?
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