[POLL] Server Admins: How do YOU find your plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DrAgonmoray, Nov 28, 2011.


How do YOU find your plugins?

  1. Plugin Releases Forum

  2. "Get Plugins" (plugins.bukkit.org)

  3. BukkitDev

  4. Other.. (Please Specify)

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    I've been curious about how you server admins find plugins you think look cool.
    When I was a server admin, I always got my plugins from the "Plugin Releases"forum. However BukkitDev was not out then.

    How do YOU find your plugins?
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    From Get Plugins and Plugin Submissions.
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    Plugin Releases of course and sometimes by word of mouth. if i hear its good ill go straight for it. But since im a dev ill make half of the plugins for my server
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    [Get plugins] tab optionhere, I tried the bukit dev, site one dont like it the filters on there are not that great and I like.....no love having a forum board attach to said plugin to discuss the plugin with others
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    I either search through http://plugins.bukkit.org/ or message a well known plugin dev to make a plugin for a little donation...
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    I find that plugins.bukkit.org is the best way of finding things quick. Not all plugins are on BukkitDev, so it is my favorite so far.

    I'm not saying BukkitDev isn't useful as it helps a lot, its just not the best way to find things at this point.
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    The "What's New?" button.
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    Nathan C

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    Emiya Shirou

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    Every method is lacking, really. When I first started, I sorted the release forum by views/replies to get a general idea of which were the most popular plugins. After that I would just have to monitor plugins.bukkit.org for newly updated plugins or do some forum searches. I tried filtering by categories, but it was a mostly worthless endeavor. Finally, now that bukkitdev has picked up, I monitor dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ most days. I suppose I could monitor the RSS feed of that, but I'd really prefer having more parameters to filter by -- tags, # of downloads, other plugin support, etc.

    Thanks, saul, for that link. It fits more into each page, which is nice.
  13. I roam around the Plugin Releases, Submissions, and WIP Forum and click on Plugins that might fit the description from what I want. From there I follow the Link to BukkitDev.
    If I know the name of the plugin I use BukkitDevs Seach or the Plugin List.
    I must say: When the Plugin Releases was still active it was a lot easier to find good and new plugins. With the new BukkitDev System it is a pain in the ass...
  14. I love the subscription on file update feature from bukkit dev thats a really good feature. Also that I can sort by last update and then that it's running on a different server then the Forum, because the forum is down from time to time and BukkitDev is always up ...
    I agree that it needs some better organisation.
    All it lacks is a decent catagory feature and some statistic system so the devs have a idea of how much their plugin is being used.
    At the moment it's really a bit messy.
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    Don Redhorse

    wow... the only one voting other.... ok... via forum what's new...

    but as more and more plugin developers forget to post something here too, I think I will have to find another way.
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    i go to plugins.bukkit.org and look through a category i like. Then i look at the plugins in there that look good.
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    i go through bukkitdev for a few hours
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    I use both of Plugin release, bukkit dev, plugin submission, get plugins list.
    Result I can't vote :p
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    well i used to use plugins.bukkit.org but now i just go by word of mouth/recomendations/wat ever google turns up

    WE ARE THE 4%!

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    Plugins.bukkit.org, I hate bukkitdev and the forum search.
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