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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Tarheels, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Many people have been asking "what is the best plugin for anti-griefing, chat, economy, etc.
    I have made this thread to help those people. Basically i would like people to post here there top 1-2 plugins per category. I will keep tract of what people vote and post results here daily. Here are the results:
    SEC- Worldedit Logblock
    Chat- iChat
    Dev- Spout
    Econ- IConomy
    Edit- Worldedit Voxelsniper
    Fun- Citizens, Minecart Mania, Mobdisguise
    TP-WormHoleExtreme / Stargate, MultiHome
    MECH- Portal Gel avec Portal Stick
    Web- Buycraft
    Wgen-PhonixTerrainMod, BananaNordic
    RPG-Jail, Death and Rebirth
    Perms- PEX, Permissions 2.7

    Thanks and hopefully this will help people and eliminate questions.

    Edit: also when posting set it up like the results and add plugins to the right :D
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    For sec: LogBlock (if I can vote for myself :D) and McBans (and of course Guardian when it finally gets done)
    Edit: WorldEdit

    You should add a permissions plugin category, I'd vote for PEX.

    There was a similar project like this, but BlockFace went down, obviously ...
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    Ok, i was just gonna do permissions in admn but that works.

    Changed title so people may actually read it :p

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    Admn- Essentials
    SEC- LogBlock,
    Chat- iChat
    Econ- iConomy
    Edit- WorldEdit, VoxelSniper
    Fun- Minecart Mania, ModDisguise
    Info- mcDocs,
    TP- WormHoleExtreme / Stargate, MultiHome
    MECH- (Portal Gel avec Portal Stick),
    Web- BuyCraft
    Wgen- PhonixTerrainMod, BananaNordic
    RPG- Jail, Death and Rebirth
    MISC- Seasons, Multiverse
    Perms- Permissions 2.7
    NPC - NPCX, Citizens

    There are countless other great plugins there. I cannot list them all. :p
    Heres a small snapshot on the ones i like xD

    Oh i give negative one points to MCBans (-1). ;)
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