[POLL] Does your main server use the Spout plugin?

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Does your main (non-dev) server have the Spout plugin?

  1. Yes, required by ONLY 1 other plugin

    8 vote(s)
  2. Yes, required by MORE THAN 1 other plugin

    17 vote(s)
  3. No

    20 vote(s)
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    Simple question.

    I'm in the process of making a plugin and I'm curious about how many people already use Spout, as I may use it.

    If you feel like commenting then you could also answer these questions, if you like:
    Assuming you DON'T already have spout on your server, if there were two identical plugins, one which uses Spout and the other which doesn't, which would you go for? Do you care at all? Would it annoy you to have to download and update another plugin (even one as good as Spout)?
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    I have spout but it's not *required* by any plugin. icanhasoption?
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    Spout has public usage statistics:

    Unique Spout Installs (only 1 click per install. Updates don't count): https://bitly.com/spoutserverinstalls

    Spout Automatic Updates (1 click for each time the Spout plugin automagically updates to a newer build): https://bitly.com/oGFUXy

    Spoutcraft logins (1 click each time a user joins an online server using Spoutcraft, may be a vanilla or spout server): https://bitly.com/spoutcraftlogin

    Spoutcraft unique installs: (1 click per install of Spoutcraft, updates do not count): https://bitly.com/spoutcraftinstall

    ofc, this data is pretty meaningless without context.

    Let's assume that 20% of installs are bogus (people run the server once, then delete it), for the client and server.

    Roughly, that's 80k installs server side and 125k installs client side.

    I estimate that there are between 500k-1M bukkit servers, which puts spout at 18-10% usage with servers, which is quite good.

    However, there are 3.6M legit players, (and probably another 2M illegal players), so let's say 5M players total. We've only got 2.5% usage with clients. That's not so good. We will be focusing on increasing client mod usage in the coming weeks, and we think server installs are beginning to plateau and will cap at ~25-30% usage.
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    Do you have the statistic for how many Bukkit servers are actually being run?

    What do you use it for, then?

    I'll add the option if I can :)
    Edit: can't add options. I'll put you in the "Yes" group though ;)

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    Just edited and added some context.
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    Thanks for adding the extra stuff.

    They are indeed impressive percentages for something which is still relatively new but I think that it shows that your claim of "There are very few servers w/o spout these days" in the other thread was a bit unfounded.

    You (or someone else) said in IRC yesterday something along the lines of "any good server has Spout", but what is "good"? Surely "good" is a server where people have fun, and you don't have to have a specific plugin to be able to have fun.

    I'm not trying to put you or Spout down, I'm 100% certain that it is extremely useful to plugins which can make use of its features. (I still think having be required it just for getting material names is overkill, though).
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    To be clear, IRC yesterday was a bit of sarcasm and a bit of truth. I realize 20% usage is not "every server", however, it is pretty huge too. It puts it easily in the top 10 most used plugins, if not the top 5.
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    I would be using it on my server, but it conflicts with a feature of bPermissions. I wonder if @Afforess or the other SpoutDevs have resolved that conflict yet? I heard they were working on it.
    Edit: I bet @codename_B could answer this :)
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    We fixed it.
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    Wewt. :)
    Now I can make epic Spout features for my srever-in-progress
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    I currently do not run it on my bukkit server, though I am planning to in the future when the client side mod-like features are added. What I mean by this is adding new blocks & mods that would normally require editing of the .class files within minecraft.jar.

    Currently I use modloaderMP for bukkit, and with that I can add Buildcraft & Industrialcraft to my bukkit server. I am very excited though for when spout allows for mods to be added (assuming it will - from what I have read it will in the future), and as soon as it does I will almost certainly switch due to all of the other features it offers as well as the ease of use for both the client and server. Keep up the great work spout team, looking forward to the 1.1 & 1.2 releases.
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    Asides from performance improvements from the client, the features from spout are a bit lacking. Decided to go spout for 1.8 from modloader, not the worst choice ever but not exactly much to offer atm.
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    Yes, am quite aware of the purpose of spout, just at the moment, spout (and by association it's plugins) don't really offer anything of note over what you get with modloader, least not in terms of the user.
    My vote's yes, required by 0 plugins, partially since most of them either rehash funtionalities or aren't updated.
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    I died when I read that.
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    This poll is about the server plugin, not the client mod.
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    If I may chime in as a humble end user/server owner:

    Spout is possibly the best thing to happen to multiplayer Minecraft servers since they came into existence. The cool things I am able to do with Spout and Spoutcraft continue to amaze me. As a developer, I'm sure you know that there are at times 3 or 4 plugins posted on this site that all do the same thing. I'm sure I'm not alone when I state that I will choose the one with Spout features every single time regardless of what is offered by the others. Not a lot of servers are using all the cool stuff Spout provides, so I do my best to make my server unique and different by offering these uncommon things.
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    Then my answer would still be the same? My vote's yes, required by 0 plugins, partially since most of them either rehash funtionalities or aren't updated. You don't install a server mod just for the hell of it.
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    I only use the server plugin because other plugins require it, or else I'd get rid of it in an instant. It somehow uses a ton of CPU and RAM, even with just Bukkit and Spout.
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    It doesn't, it hardly does anything unless other plugins are abusing it. You're free to get in contact with the team in order to resolve the issue. There are plenty of large servers running it w/o any problems.
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    Did someone fall off the bed this morning, bump their head and lose a few brain cells?
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    Maybe you shouldn't sleep on such a high bed.
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    Possibly. I ran it locally and it seemed to run at around 500MB RAM and 87% CPU while idling, as opposed to half that with vanilla Bukkit.
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