[POLL] Do you think 'Bukkit comes back'?

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Do you think 'Bukkit comes back'?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. Maybe.

  4. I do not know.

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    Vote on the poll, or post a comment.

    And do you think it's better with Bukkit because Microsoft own Mojang? Or not?
    Please comment what you think about that.
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    I posted on another thread about this earlier so I'll just sum up what my thoughts are again. I think Bukkit does have the potential to come back assuming by Bukkit you mean the Bukkit API that is DMCA'd because the forums certainly aren't dead yet nor is BukkitDev. That being said if nothing is done about this then Bukkit could very well fade away. I think there are a couple of things that can be done to save Bukkit, some obvious, others maybe we hadn't thought about.

    First they need to counter-notice the DMCA and then deal with the legal matters that will follow that so that work can resume on Bukkit and people can continue downloading it. Secondly, once the dust has settled and everyone has calmed down a new, fresh staff should be brought in ranging from Administrators, BukkitDev staff, and forum moderators. Not to say that Curse isn't doing a pretty nice job dealing with all of this, but once they've established control they should bring in some regular community staff again. Thirdly perhaps once we're back on track (if it happens) we upgrade some of the software. Last I heard the XenForo software is a version from 2011 and the BukkitDev software could probably use upgrades as well.

    All of that combined and I think we'd be pretty much back on track. Now as for what Microsoft plans to do, who knows. They could end up ending all community modding such as Bukkit, but it's too early to tell. These are just some of my thoughts and opinions on the situation at the time.
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    Microsoft just bought Mojang, I think that they have their hands full with taking over that they don't have time for bukkit as well. BUT i think Microsoft is clever enough to rewrite the minecraft code and here is what i think:

    1: Minecraft will be pay per month
    2: Minecraft vanilla code will allow plugins and so will the realms as well (making bukkit expendable)
    3. The whole gdamn code will be rewritten so that we need to start from square one with the plugin community.

    Even tho it seems like dark times, i'm still optimistic about it.
    I think microsoft have the manpower and knowledge to actually optimize the game making minecraft faster, smoother, and use less ram server wise.
    I also think that they are smart enough to abandon the bukkit project and include it in the main source file instead of running 2 seperatly server codes. Cause lets face it... minecraft would be dead if it wasn't for the plugins, the minigames, the RPG servers, the prison servers and etc etc etc.

    Unfortunately i also think that it will take a loooooong time before we get any information's about the future, and it will take a lot of time before we get a stabilized community again. Running to sponge is just as unsafe and might turn out to be waste of time if microsoft allows plugins in the source code.

  5. Would be a good way to kill off a lot of the community.
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    AdamQpzm Eh they wouldn't do that, the worse they'd do is make some sort of yearly membership, but I have faith that with the power of microsoft's resources they'll make the place better, or at least develop an API, I mean they have 1 piece of intellactual property, they will do something with it.
  7. Creeoer It was a quote not a statement by me.
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    AdamQpzm I knew that, just wanted to tagh ya'..heh...
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    Well im still pretty sure that microsoft wants some of the money back by either monthly, yearly or by update payment. It cost money to keep a game updated and interesting so i can't really see how this model should continue :)
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    Mojang earned over 300 Million USD last year just with Minecraft I think that 300M/y is enough Money...

    A monthly/yearly cost wouldnt be needed at all...
  11. mrCookieSlime Assuming that those rates remain the same, Microsoft will break even with their purchase in little under 10 years. I have my doubt that that's what they're after, so I certainly don't think it'll be "enough".
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    Well since Microsoft anyway earns about 85 Billion USD per year, do you think they will care about waiting a few years just to break their purchase of 2.5 Billion? I dont think so. They have the time... (as well as the money ^^)
  13. mrCookieSlime That's not the way business works. Yes, they have other means of making money, but do you really believe that they don't want the asset to pay for itself? If it wasn't going to make them money, they wouldn't have purchased it, other than as a hobby or as a name or something like that. And I doubt that's what this is.
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    Sure, but business does not mean getting money instantly back either...
    Ever heard of long-term investments?
    It may take a few years until they got the money back they spent but after that they'll get a decent income...
  15. mrCookieSlime I never said instantly. And yes I know about long term investments, but do you think that's what they're doing here? Minecraft has been going for about 5 years - and they're planning to break even in about 10 years? That's twice the length of time that the game has existed. That generally sounds like a bad idea.
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    It does.
    However, risk is also a factor which plays a role in the business. But they also know about the fact that asking for monthly/yearly payment would make the game less attrative to new Players.
    They're not dumb...
    They do know what such a thing might cause, so the only solution they might have is making the game just cost more. But a monthly/yearly payment would just make the income drop a good bit.
  17. mrCookieSlime I never said that they were going to use subscription payment. But I'm saying they won't be happy with $300,000,000/year for a young game that they've paid $2,500,000,000 for.
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    Indeed as I said above in my opinion they will make the game cost more.

    Also sorry: Im so tired that I didnt even see that it wasnt you who posted "I think they will add a subscription payment."
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    My prediction: Within the next few months there will be 1-3 servers that can run Bukkit mods. The Bukkit class library is an excellent API and there are a lot of server operators, mod programmers, and players who will want these mods to continue working.

    Whether the Bukkit Project itself will continue is more in doubt. It appears to me that the project needs some additional leads who aren't employed by Mojang, and given the good reasons that the old team had for being mad all the developer energy and enthusiasm could move over to Sponge Powered.
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    I think it still has the potential to continue, obviously there are things that need to be done before that though. Not to say the old staffs contributions to the project weren't immensely helpful, because they were and their efforts should be recognized. However, I'm sure there are other fresh, qualified members of the community who would be willing to help take the project forward.
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