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    You could file a DMCA if you want, but if you open a report on it we will take care of it. We will enforce copyright for authors without the need for the full DMCA process. Of course you're within your rights to go that route too. :)

    You can open the report here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/plotsquared/report/
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    If you file a report on the project stating that it is a copy it will be removed. We don't allow clones, unless the old project is dead and not updated. Unfortunately we cannot know of every plugin so we rely on reports to be able to weed them out (if we cannot determine it ourselves, which we do daily).

    Edit: Me and eyamaz have reviewed the two projects and determined them to be drastically different code wise. This one is not a clone.
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    I've moved certain post and removed others on this subject. Content talking about generalities are fine for public posts, though accusations and naming specific plugins or developers should be left to reports and/or private discussions. Said matter will be reviewed, again, if need be.
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    queue the bukkit replacement start ups. Yay.
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    Consider making a requirement to prominently mention
    similar plugins. Bukkit is meant for the community. The
    community profits from competition among plugins.
    Not from the biggest developer egos.

    The other problem is the search function of Bukkit.
    You simply won't find certain plugin names.
    An excited new plugin developer won't spend minutes
    researching alternative search terms and browsing
    through pages of hardly relevant results.

    People seem to be confused about what cloning is.
    Just competition to their plugin? Consider a
    set of criteria after which you decide whether
    a new plugin is an old one under a new name.
    Source code, user interface, features, compatibility.
    Make that clear. Claims for clones must verify the
    criteria. Ask for it. Saves you work.
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    What is the definition of "dead and not updated"? There's a plugin which hasn't been changed in close to 3 years, the author hasn't logged in to BukkitDev in 2 1/2 years and hasn't responded to email. The plugin is released under GPLv3. The plugin has a bug. A really simple bug, but it can prevent the plugin from working. The fix is literally a 2-character change in the source. I've fixed the plugin and since it's GPLv3, the fixed version can be downloaded from my web site. Can I upload the fixed version to BukkitDev as a new project?

    And what about "dead and not updated" plugins licensed as "All Rights Reserved"? Take a hypothetical example of the above plugin if it was All Rights Reserved instead of GPLv3.
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    We don't move projects to new authors but you can create a new project (and it must give credit to the old project/author in the description and the license must be the same as the original) and upload it there. ARR projects are not allowed to be reuploaded, you would have to get in contact with the author for that one (if the author cannot be contacted there is nothing we can do for this one).
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