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    Hello, I'm looking for 2 plugins. 1 that has badges and you can give pokemon badges to players but only certain gym leaders can give a certain badge and where you can check which badges you have and which you need. The next plugin is 1 where when you walk through grass theres a chance of hostile mobs spawning and when they spawn it gives the player a message that says *A wild Zombie has appeared* or whatever. If anyone can do this I would REALLY appreciate it.
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    Ok: Badge Plugin: I want non-existing badges (As in something that you cant hold in your hand but that is stored in the server) that Gym Leaders can give to players. I want it where the Gym Leader can only give the badge of his own gym to the player. Also I want a command where the player can check to see which badges he has and which he needs to get.

    Mob Spawn Plugin: I want a plugin where when players walk through grass there is a percentage chance of a hostile mob spawning.

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