Pokemon Companion mod

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    Pokemon Companion mod
    Now on the the request:

    A pokemon that follows you around. Like pikachu did in Pokemon: Yellow Version.

    (made for Bukkit of course):

    • /spawnpokemon - to spawn the pokemon (couldn't you tell?)
    • /despawnpokemon - In case it gets stuck or you are just fed up with being followed
    • /follow (#) - the pokemon would follow you. If a number is defined after /follow the pokemon would trail behind that many blocks
      ( )= optional
    If anyone is daring enough please let me know that you are indeed attempting this. I will be th​

    first to download.​

    Thank you in advance.
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    That's impossible, because there is no pikachu model, lol.
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    You could use a chicken or maybe just a yellow wool block.

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