Poisonous Mycelium

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    Try it with strings, it does matter.
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    Onlineids He probably just trialed and errored until one of them worked lol.
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    Did you even read marwzoor post which is where this started? We are talking about comparing enumerated objects.
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    You are overestimating the impact a plugin using the PlayerMoveEvent will have on a server. The event is called regardless of any plugins that may be listening, so as long as the code terminates before performing much of anything (i.e. if the player hasn't made a grid movement), it will have virtually zero impact on performance.

    The most efficient and precise way to do this is to use both the PlayerMoveEvent and a recurring task.
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    Skye I agree which is what I was trying to state, it is being cancelled before it is even impacting the server.
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    Here's the way to do it: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    This was not about strings though :)

    Personally I use == for all datatypes(ofc) and then .equals() when it's classes. Since I often override .equals() in my own classes to make the comparison more reliable and precise.

    Which is how I did it :rolleyes:

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    Your plugin went wrong by attaching a new task to each player, rewriting ChatColor's methods, not accounting for jumping, redundancy in multiple events, and that plugin enable/disable...

    You can roll your eyes at me, by my intent was to stop the petty arguing over methodology because everyone had valid complaints.
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    Funny how you just decompiled my code out of just nowhere though :)

    And I didn't know the method for chatcolors existed, and I just copied a method I did a while back ;)

    I do account for jumping though, you should only be damaged if you are standing on mycelium, not hovering over it.

    I attached one scheduler to each player because I wanted it to be as precise as it could be, and not damaging at odd periods.

    Okey, well the whole argument started with Beeperdp making the plugin without saying anything. And I/he had made it all in vain, I thought it was the first one to say that they would make the plugin that would get to do it, apparently I was wrong.
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    I already replied to that - I did not see your post till after I posted mine - I am sorry.

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