plugins worked last night...all fail today

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mrgreaper, Jan 15, 2011.

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    ok im more familier with hmod and this downgradde to bukkit is driving me nuts!

    im not used to having to keep a server updated daily to get things back to where hmod was but with the demise of hmod im sure ill get there :( i dont mean to offend the bukkit team your work is appreciated and i understand that you were droped in the deep end the same as we were.

    the problem, last night we managed to get minecart mania working (i significant pluggin that replecates part of what craftbook did on our server) with some treaking we got warpgates working
    all was fine and dandy in our litle server, sure leavers didnt animate, sure there was a tiny bit of lag but players were happy and sheep were frolicking.

    then i saw bukkit and craftbukkit had been updated (majorly)
    now my machine is not the server pc so i use it to test pluggins before i commit them to the real server im so glad i did ...not a single plugin loads with the new bukkit not one!!!

    is this being worked on at mo? and sorry to be a pain but is there an eta on the fix? i know your pre alpha but your heaverly relied on now :(
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    ah yep that explains it....lets hope they dont do that too often, breaking every plugin in one go does not inspire hope in the project
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    Well I'm pretty sure they have to whenever they update...or do you want to just play on a vanilla server?

    I think we are lucky enough that they have the will to even update plug-in's for you, but all we have to do is install them.
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    theres been lots of updates that havent broken plugins this is the first and hopefuly one of few or the last that has. if i was tallented enough to create plugins (im not and have massive respect for those that can and do) and i had to keep redoing it to keep it compatable not sure i would
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