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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SinnerKills, Oct 19, 2014.

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    I'm opening a new Prison server but I need a bit of help with a few plugins. I cannot find anyone to help me. Is there a real problem with the version I am using?

    VERSION 1.7.10

    1. I need a rank-up system that works and easy to use. (I can't find any that works)
    2. I need a pet plugin that works (I can't find any that works)
    3. I need a way for players to fly in some worlds, not all.
    (Don't want to give /fly, it will ruin pvp and the survival world)

    If anyone can help me with any of these 3 it would be GREATLY appreciated !

    I want a legit server but for some reason the stuff I can do without breaking the EULA isn't working..

    NOTE: please don't throw out plugin names that are not for 1.7.10 as it will just waste both of our time.
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    SinnerKills First thing I am going to say. Just because a plugin is not set for version 1.7.10, does not mean that it will not work in 1.7.10. Next a fly plugin would have permissions so you could set it so that they can only use /fly in certain worlds. When you say they don't work have you tested them or are you just assuming because of their version...
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    I use PermissionsEx for my ranks.
    I found MyPet for a pet plugin.
    You can use Essentials for fly, and disable the command in the worlds you don't want it in.
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    I've tested a lot, but I know I didn't test them all so I posted here for suggestions. I know some plugins will work without it saying ''1.7.10'' I do download them and add it to my server restart and login to check if it works.
    So do you have any plugins that will work?
    Still need a clans/gangs plugin <-- Forgot about that
    Do you know a fly plugin that I can configure?
    Rankup plugin
    Testing the ''MyPet'' plugin after I post this. I need this stuff for donors and to follow the EULA
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