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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by zcleaver, Feb 13, 2013.

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    I am short of ways for players to spend their money.. Can I get some input/ideas?
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    economy plugin?
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    Yeah we have that.. We just need a thoughtful way for people to SPEND money.
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    Asking what type of economy plugin.
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    chestshop (server shops to spend their money)
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    there was a plugin that allows to buy new permissions.. that could make the game interesting. but im not sure if that plugin is up to date
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    ItemSlotMachines is great
    Make it cost money to enter arenas such as MobArena with the potential to make more if they do well
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    Download timeismoney, it always gives delight to my players.

    Make a shop where players can buy and download ChestShop so players can make their own shops for their factions and all.

    1) Shop
    2) ChestShop
    3) Permissions they may pay for
    4) Pay for plots (PlotMe)
    5) Pay for a nickname
    6) Pay for extra homes (part of number 3)

    I have a ton more ways, pm me if you'd like.
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    Or economy plugins. Essentials and Chestshop work well together.

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