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    Plugin category: Fun

    Plugin Name: ChestSearch

    Want I want: In this plugin, you basically place chests all around the world, or somewhere. And if somebody finds it, and they right click it, it says in the chat a message saying "(playername) found a Treasure Chest.", the message is able to be edited and color codes should be able to be added. Then, they find items in the chest. And it says with a message that "You found this item", and you can put an item in the chest, and the item also can be an item that can access a command. You can add different items and such, and that's pretty much the plugin, after the person opens it and gets the items, the chest disappears. As well as, the item doesn't go in the users hotbar, it goes in their inventory somewhere. Maybe a corner or somewhere, and you are able to access your item from there. I would like the item to spawn somewhere in like a GUI, type of thing where all your items are. This plugin is a fun plugin, and it is related to Mineplex, or Nexus. But I would like this for my hub server because it is a fun plugin and such! :)

    Commands: /cs Chest Create - Creates a chest

    Most of everything is configured in the config, chests, messages, color codes, items in chests, mostly everything.

    Permissions: player.canopen - Player can open the chests

    When I would like this plugin by: I am patient, but as long as it takes. At least 1 week is fine with me.

    Thankyou Bukkit Community!
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    3/4 hours off isnt that bad.
    Everything below 20/19 hours isnt appropriate though.
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