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    Plugin Category: PvP

    Suggested Name: ZirelCTF

    What I want: Okay, picture a rectangular shaped piece of a map, roughly 30 chunks in length and 8 in width. On each end of this rectangle, there is a base with chests that are automatically filled with items, such as wood, swords, bows, arrows, food, etc. When players login to the server, they are prompted to join the arena, and they type /join to join. Regular players will be teleported to a random team base, whilst donators have the option to do either /join red or /join blue to join a specific team. Anyways, in this arena, they are given 5 minutes to build their defenses around a bedrock structure that they cannot edit or go into. Inside of this bedrock structure there are chests with wool in them. In the middle of the battlefield, there is a gap of nothing about two chunks wide. On each side of this gap there is a giant bedrock wall that will disappear after the 5 minutes are up, enabling the two teams to be able to fight. The objective is to get the wool from the other team's bedrock base and return it safely to your base. Perhaps you stand on a piece of wool that is your team color to return it? They have permissions to edit everything, except they cannot go into their own bedrock base, or build in a two block radius around it. Also, the arena should be able to reset every time a game restarts. When a game restarts, they are teleported to spawn. As for the spectators, I want them to be able to fly around the arena, invisible and unable to affect the environment. I also would like to have multimap support, where the maps automatically cycle (if there are multiple maps set up.) as soon as a game is over. The arenas must also reset once they are over.

    Ideas for commands:
    /zirelpvp setmainspawn <arenaname>- Sets the main spawn for when people logs in for a certain arena.
    /join, /join blue, /join red - Lets them join a team, or a random team.
    /zirelpvp createarena <arenaname>- Creates the arena in the region selected, region highlighted with WorldEdit wand. Players are unable to build outside of the arena. One arena on the server.
    /zirelpvp setspawn <team> <arenaname>- Sets the respawn point for a team on the map
    /zirelpvp setwall <wall> <arenaname>- Sets the region in which the wall will appear, region highlighted with WorldEdit wand. Ability to add multiple walls, e.g. /zirelpvp setwall 1,2
    /zirelpvp sethut <team> <arenaname>- Sets the region in which the <team> defined cannot enter. Region highlighted with WorldEdit wand.

    Ideas for permissions: Permissions for /join Permissions for /join blue Permissions for /join red
    zirel.admin- Access to commands used to set up arena.

    When I'd like it by: I realize this is a huge plugin, and may take awhile to make. Take your time.

    Add me on Skype so we can keep each other updated on it's progress and implementation.

    Skype: adamadster
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    I would be happy to take this up. I will try my best. I have added you on skype, and will keep up with updates here as well.

    Here is a link to the BukkitDev Page.

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