PLuginmetrics- whats that?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bluehasia, Mar 4, 2012.

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    i was looking in my plugin folder and saw a folder named pluginmetrics with just a config file in it with a short bit of text
    opt-out: false
    guid: [randomnumbers and letters]

    never installed a jar with that name and that link greifcraft...... was like that aint right. i just noticed this today. dont think it was there long
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    Looks like it could be for DeadBolt/LWC. Do you have either of those plugins?
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    no never installed either

    the latest plugin i added was morematerials from the place
  4. MoreMaterials uses, so it created the folder.
  5. It's just a system for plugin devs to measure how many people are currently using their plugin. All plugins listed on will create this folder.
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    ok. i removed the folder and it has yet to been regenerated
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    It is plugin metrics by the Maker of LWC. Many plugins includign LWC, Vault, and MoreMaterials all use it to send usage data to a server in order to see detailed stats on how many people are using their plugins.
    it doesn't hurt anything, but if you don't want to send your data, change opt-out to true.
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