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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by dvargas135, Dec 5, 2015.

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    How do I send a byte to a channel? I'm trying to block a mod

    I've tried this:
    public void onPluginMessageReceived(String channel, Player player, byte[] value) {
      if (getConfig().getBoolean("block")) {
          if (channel.equalsIgnoreCase("channel")) {
                  player.sendPluginMessage(this, "channel", new byte[] { 0x3F });
    With registering both outgoing and incoming plugin channels, as said by the mod author
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    What is this? Bungee?
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    No it isn't

    I have also tried ByteArrayDataOutput out = ByteStreams.newDataOutput();
    then out.writeByte(0x3F);
    then send the bytes as an array using out.toByteArray, but didn't work
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    What API/mod/thing do you use? Should this be an event?
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    Nevermind, got it working using byte arrays.
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    Then edit the title of the thread and mark it as solved
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