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    (Very creative name, right?) Plugins have long had a problem with in-game documentation. Through no fault of their own! The fact of the matter is, if your inexperienced with playing with bukkit or if you've never had to look for plugins for your server, chances are you never read any documentation on many plugins.

    So I've started this project to improve that a very problem! The goal of this project is to centralize a documentation for plugins (because putting all our eggs in one basket has never gone wrong). If you are a player, all you have to do is type /plugin-help <plugin name>, and it'll retrieve all the documentation you'll ever need. Instead of needing to teach players about all of their plugins, servers will only need to teach players about that one, simple command.

    Now, this project is brand new, so it doesn't currently have much documentation and will still need to receive many updates in the near future. But the basic features are currently working!

    For more information, either visit the bukkit dev project page or the github repository.

    Help Wanted: This is community driven! I couldn't possibly document every single plugin. If you are interested in helping to document plugins, please either see the bukkit dev page or PM me.

    I'm looking forward to feedback! :D

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    Moved to WIP and Dev Status.
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    What about making a website for it?
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    I'm actually working on that right now, I'll probably be using github pages. It should hopefully make submitting documentation easier.
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    Yeaaah I totally approve this prroject and will send you everything about my plug ins! :) I love this idea and I'll definitly help it as much as I can! :)
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    Awesome! :D
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