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  1. Hello. I have been developing a plugin which counts how many kills a player has. But, there is a problem :(. When I Compile The Project To A .Jar, the eclipse compiler gives an error: "plugin.yml is out of sync with the file system". How can i fix?

    (More Info)
    -I Have A Mac
    -I Use Eclipse
    -I Am Using CraftBukkit (not bukkit) for a referenced library
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    I had the same problem the other day. Just right click plugin.yml and hit Refresh in the file menu. Then you can compile again. :)

    EDIT: My "More Info" Is the same as yours. XD
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    Yes, just refresh. You can also hit F5 (I think thats the key :p)
  4. Thanx! I'll try it out right now!

    oh yeah, could you also give me a template on what i have to put in the plugin.yml?

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    a basic one:

    name: BlockBlock
    main: me.neosilky.BlockBlock.BlockBlock
    version: 1.43
    author: neosilky
  6. sorry, im kind of a newb, how do i call the version in the onEnable and onDisable?
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    In your onEnable, put this in:
    PluginDescriptionFile pdfFile = getDescription();
    and then whenever you want the version, use this:
  9. thx a bunch, im done!
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    No Problem :)
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