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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Jozeth, Apr 16, 2014.

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    3. description: Allows you to bypass any protection
    4. default: op
    5. children:
    6.*: false
    8. description: Allows you to place any blocked item
    9. default: op
    10. children:
    11. true
    12. true
    13. true
    14. true
    15. true
    16. true
    17. true
    18. true
    19. true
    20. true
    21. true
    22. true

    If I want players with "*" to be able to have "*" do I need to change the "false" to "true"?
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    I believe so. Cant hurt to just try :p
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    That's what I currently have and it works on my end but people have been recently found out that it doesn't.
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    Sounds weird. It should work...

    For a trobleshoot maybe take a look at your other files to see if there is anything interfering with it??? Idk :p That would be my first guess because right now your in the plugin.yml

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