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Discussion in 'Resources' started by teej107, Jun 18, 2014.

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    I am just going to say this: I hate typing up my plugin.yml file. That one space or tab can mess up your plugin developing experience. I have also seen quite a few people on the Plugin Development section of the forums having problems with their plugin.yml file as well. With that in mind, I present to you:
    Plugin YAML Creator
    (Make your plugin.yml with ease)
    • Simple editing
    • Generates the plugin.yml for you.
    • Easily add in authors, dependencies, etc.
    This application will allow you to save and load your plugin.yml files so you can edit them easily!
    How to use
    - Add new commands via the "Table" menu or the "command:" cell.
    - Click an already selected right side of a row to bring up more options.
    - Multiple selection of cells for mass deletion.
    - Deleting a command will delete all of the attributes that belong to it.
    Change log
    • Added in all of the attributes in the Plugin YAML Wiki. Yes that includes author/authors.
    Future Updates
    • Adding in the permission attributes
    • Got a request? Feel free to tell me and we'll see what I can do!
    Known Bugs​
    • How could I have forgotten about the aliases command attribute *facepalm*... will be updated to have that attribute when the permissions attributes come out.
    • If you think you found a bug, send me a message and I'll add it in this list.
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    This thing is awesome.

    I do suggest to add function for the permissions section, which looks the same as commands.

    And I noticed the saved plugin.yml has 2 spaces for command section, doesn't it need 4? I could be wrong here.

    Nonetheless; Awesome.
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    It doesn't really matter on the spacing, just keep it consistent. I use 2 spaces. I believe you can use 2, 4, or 6 spaces. (Maybe any even number, but just continue what you've been doing :) )
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    Or you know... Don't create one at all ;)

    But seriously, nice work, although this fits more in the Bukkit Tools section
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    Goblom Interesting. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It sound good.
    Thanks for pointing that out. I totally forgot about that section.
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    I do not really see the value in downloading this,
    it is easy to set up a plugin.yml file, although you can forget a thing or two - and it takes two seconds to fix.
    Why should we download an application to make the easiest part of our plugin?
    If you still do not understand the format of creating your plugin.yml, just copy and paste a successful one and change the words as necessary.
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    There should be an option to put author/authors too :)
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    It would be nice if it was an IntelliJ plug-in. Then I could use it directly in my IDE. :)
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    MineStein I don't use IntelliJ. I have no idea how to make plugins for that IDE. I'm currently working on adding in everything that is in the Plugin YAML Wiki.
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    How dare you o.0
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    MineStein Onlineids Both are "Eww". IntelliJ because of it's price tag and notepad because...well it's just a text editor.
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    teej107 Notepad is sarcasm -_- I use eclipse
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    Eww, IDEs. I don't get why you guys use IDEs, I just write java byte code through nano in Terminal.
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    mazentheamazin gl!
    Onlineids Eclipse's text editor is just like Notepad.

    Updated the Plugin YAML Creator with all of the attributes except for the permission attributes. Those will be in a later update. If you think you found a bug, send me a message. You can use the debug menu and send me the possible error that occured.

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