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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by emcitement, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Newb question but I haven't really looked into it all that much and can't test it out right this moment by going in-game.

    Will plugins lag a server if they aren't used at all?
    For example - say I have EasyPM installed which lets you PM players by typing @Player (msg).

    If no one on the server is private messaging, then will that plugin have no impact on how fast the server is running?

    I can't log in the game, but I can put my server up.
    I just checked and the amount of ram usage is the exact same whether it has plugins in the folder or not.. so I'm guessing they can't slow a server down when they're idle.
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    I think if you have like 20 unused plugins, it will lag the server, but 3-4 unused plugins, that are not used at the moment isn't a problem.
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    It will have some impact, but it's almost equal to nothing.
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    Okay thanks both of you. That's what I was thinking Harry. I figure there has to be at least something used.

    I ask because I have a lot of very lightweight plugins that do pretty basic things. I just want to be sure these simple plugins won't be all that negative. I can't afford a super pricey host at the moment, but don't want to be too restricted with the plugins I use. A lot of plugins are for admin abilities too which won't be used all that much and won't be used my too many people.

    However - I imagine some plugins are constantly being used whenever players are interacting with the game.
    Like BigBrother is probably being used every single time someone places or breaks a block, correct? (I don't plan on using a log-plugin just yet. Just asking)

    What about plugins that protect areas from being built in? Like WorldGuard.
    Will those types of plugins slow down the server much when regions are protected?

    And one more question - what about plugins that slightly modify something in game?
    Such as the tables plugin. It allows you to place a pressure plate on top of fences and glass.
    If your server has these tables made, will the plugin constantly be used in order to keep the plate on top of the fence?
    Or will it only be used to get the plate on there in the first place? I like plugins that add basic things like this. But I wouldn't want it to be too intense.
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    Of course plugins will slow down the server, but unless the plugins are coded very inefficiently, they shouldn't slow down the server too much.
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