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    What is it:
    i want a plugin that will stop and start server map chunks with a single command per world.
    server chunks will automatically start but i want a command to stop them
    example: /sc world
    so this cmnd will toggle server chunks in a specified world. if a world is not specified it will use the world your in
    Why would i want this:
    i want this because i have a multiworld server and i want a "world selection" room in the default world, but i want the world to be a small memory size

    so if anyone would like to make this i thank you
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    I'm wanting the exactly the same thing; If I work it out I'll let you know. Until then I might end up making my 'Lobby' world; or ' Selection world' as you put it. To read only; and see how the server likes it. That said; Chunks are created in memory while the server is running; so could be trouble.
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    You could use something like BorderGuard to Stop Players from walking far away from your "World Selection" Room. Thus the only Chunks getting activated are maybe the 10 Chunks around that Room depending how large it ist.
    This 10 Chunk Number gets specified in the Server Properties File by Default.
    Changing it down could cause problems on your other Worlds, so i guess you have to live with that.
    At least no more Chunks would be generated/loaded this way.
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    I tried that but my OP's can go past it :S

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