Filled Plugin to stop players from swimming.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Aituok, Oct 11, 2018.

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    I have a roleplay server in which there are 6 species to choose from, all with different buffs and debuffs, and one of the species I have cannot swim. When they enter water, they are physically unable to swim upwards and sink to the bottom. Unfortunately I have found no plugins that actually do this (aside from one that physically keeps me out of the water, but that's not what I'm looking for.)
    Is there by any chance a plugin that can be made that will set my PEX group to not be able to swim upwards? I'm just looking for a plugin that will take away the ability to swim upwards, thanks!
  2. Okay so you can download it from here and so it works with PEX you'll need to download Vault plugin if you don't have it already download it here.

    Command: /fgroup <add/remove> <group name> - This will add/remove a group to the list of groups that users in it will sink.
    Permission: nofloat.* - Permission to do /fgroup

    Haven't had time to test it properly so if any problems just tell me! :)
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    Hello! I'm having a little bit of trouble. I'll just write what I'm doing and you can explain if I'm doing something wrong x

    1. I created a group in PEX called test
    2. I installed the plugin, it's coming up with no errors at all
    3. I typed "/fgroup add test"
      Nothing seems to be happening

      I have Vault and PermissionsEx installed. I am using a 1.12.2 Spigot server, and there are no errors in the console. I have reloaded the server, but the user in the test group is still able to swim. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks!
      (ps: the "/fgroup remove (name)" does not work as it just returns with the below. Thanks again!)

      -*=NoFloating by danichef=*-
      Wrong usage! /fgroup <add/remove> <group name>
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  4. Oof my bad sorry, just updated it, download it from the same "here" as yesterday.
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    Thank you ever so much, it works like a charm! I'll give full credit, thank you so much for doing this for me!
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    Aituok, go ahead and mark this as filled; thanks.
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