Development Assistance Plugin to prevent certain blocks from being placed next to each other

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by djoveryde, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Im looking for a plugin that would prevent multiple blocks from being placed within the vacinity of another block.

    Say For example I dont want Lapis or Bedrock from being placed on or near an Imperfect Ritual Stone.

    If possible this could be added as a config option so you could have say The first ID being the master item, then any other IDs after that the blocks you dont want the master item being next to

    #Whats the minimum distance between block placement

    #Block Blacklist (Master;Slave;slave)

    So The Master Being the Imperfect Ritual Stone, and then Lapis Block & Bedrock cannot be placed within 3 blocks of it.
    This could also allow for multi options so anything below that number not connected starts a new block list.

    I know its possible as I have a plugin that is capable of doing this, however it is hard coded and the plugin developer is no longer available
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    @djoveryde I could do this for you. I just have a couple questions.
    In your master;slave example what are the 0's for? I see that 7 and 22 should not be able to be placed next to 1576, but what do the 0's mean?
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