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    I have got a great idea wich is the following:
    I am in no way, going to pay for this i think plugin development should be done for fun and not for money, i think that is just being greedy...
    you probably heard about towny and factions...
    But when you think about those plugins, they dont have much to offer, i had another idea that would completely change the way of rpg playing:
    this is what the plugin should look like and have to offer
    -Factions, you have a choice at the start between 3 factions, they can be set by admin but with a max amount, once you choose a faction, the NPC of the other one will become aggressive to you, and when you come near one of them, they will attack you. what makes the game more challenging.
    the npc's have a spawn rate, meaning they will come back after about 5 minutes and be ready again, they are not invincible but you can set health by yourself. each faction should have 2 main towns and other co-towns, this brings it a little bit closer to towny
    NPC part, as you have made the traders and such, means one nation could be a trading nation or a neutral one, (i am talking about an example with 3 nations) (this might look like WoW to you, it is like it but still different) the Quester npc's should be able to add a storyline, this means players have to complete one quest to do the others. when they complete a specific quest they can or stay normal and continue or go and play the game normally. introducing a specific type of money using iconomy or another money plugin.
    The storyQUESTS would be awesome, players could play a real adventure and coop and once they are done they can go to another more specific world with more specific tribes in your nation.

    Special "skills" for each chosen nation and tribe, you can make it so the evil nation will get a skill that makes you able to do something only they can do... same with other factions and tribes.

    NPC customization, like the x-ray texture pack is, you should be able to use something that makes a part of the npc,s dissapear, meaning you could actually make REAL dwarfs using a good configured skin.

    the main thing about this plugin are the quests story and the npc aggressivity, they can really make the game a passion more then just a game, it would envy the players to come back and end up that story.

    custom arenas players could form a team to make a passionating pvp experience.

    quests differences, not only pve quests are good but imagine you kill a guard, he drops sponge, you give it to the quester and you can go with the next one.

    tell me if this interests you, then i could give you more specific info, i can imagine this will be quite a hard job,
    Please pm me if you are interested then i can give more details

    This message was originally made for a developer that wanted payment... Thats why it is written in a weird fashion

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    Maybe use factions. Don't give anyone permissions to create a faction. And NPC's use citizens.
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    Yes but o mean thats not the same at all, this is much more... Evolved, more things to do
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    The idea is great and I'd like to have that plugin as well, BUT it would take weeks/months to code it...

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