plugin to allow renaming player name?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by belboz, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Quick question. Searched but did not see anything. With the current server outage not allowing for connections to the minecraft login servers, all the users logging into my server show up as "player" and only one player is allowed logged in at once.

    I tried setting the server with these settings to allow multiple player logins.


    But as soon as a second person logs in the first person with the name Player already in gets booted.

    I remember with hmod there was a mod to allow you to change your name once in. Then subsequent people could log in and do the same.

    Does something like this exist for bukkit?

    I realize minecraft login servers may go online soon, so this is moot when that happens, but I have a daughter and some of her friends who want to play online and record a minecraft video, and if the outage lasts through the night tonight, they will be quite restless!

    Thanks for any help,

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    same problem but how is it Possible that other pp can your your server when it set online-mode=false ?
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    I'll assume you meant how people will be able to connect, and they can if they're part of your LAN, or connected via a program like Hamachi.
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    The server I run is only for my daughter and her friends to play. I don't do the public thing since they are kids, and I don't want people coming in and griefing them, etc. I got my daughter hooked on Minecraft and then all her friends came over to play it, and went home to get their parents to buy it.

    So when they connect, they specify my IP address for my private server.

    I normally don't run online-mode=false.

    Normally I just use public=false

    I tried the online-mode=false hoping that would allow multiple players.
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    i would think like change in game name but not real name:
    Killie01 logged in
    Killie01 changed display name to admin
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