Plugin that pays staff members fake money each week

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by pilot3101, Oct 19, 2013.

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    I would like a plugin that pays my staff members each week with fake money for all their hard work and effort. I would like them to get paid 1,500$ each week. If it is possible just make a config file or something where it runs a command such as /eco give (all staff members) 1500. Then it gives them that each week. Please make this if possible. Thanks!!

    I would like by 2 days.
  2. Fraud :O

    Jks, but I think that if a developer decides to take on this project, they should maybe allow a custom command to be defined in the console instead of just /eco give.
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    You know, I could just make it a configurable amount each week, then auto give it, just saying.
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    As calebbfmv said, you could make it configurable... So in a config you could have a set amount then each week change it and when you reload the plugin, it will make it so staff get paid that much for the upcoming payment time. Plus, you can just integrate Vault which makes it easier as you can give money through that as long as you have Vault and an economy plugin installed on your server.
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    What do I change? What plugin? What config file?
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    You could use the plugin in the link above. It is able to run commands once after the server starts up or repeat them at any set time. Great plugin, use it to run commands for my mini-games. It is well maintained too, and works like a charm and is also fairly universal. Good luck, and happy crafting :D

    P.S. Works with 1.6.4 and all later version up to Jul 30th.

    Best Regards, Tyler M.
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    calebbfmv yeah if you could make a plugin, that would be great!! Thanks!
  8. No, I meant a custom command, because some servers use a currency other than essentials. Allowing a custom command makes it so they can be rewarded with currency such as tokens in TokenShop
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    I use essentials for my currency.

    Can anyone make this plugin for me?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

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    No i would like a plugin that isnt like that. I want it to have these features. 1. config file where i edit how many days and how much money they get. 2. In config file add a players names place, meaning who evers name is there, they get paid how ever much money is in the config file. 3. In config file, add a thing like this: payamount: (amount here).

    So bassically i want it to look like this:

    daysperpay: (amount here in days)
    payamount: (amount of money that they get paid)
    payplayers: (players names that will get paid)

    I want it like that. That simple. Please make it if possible.
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    OK, over the week, if I am not swamped with school, I will do it.
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    pilot3101 Maybe Minecron can help you out. However it doesn't provide you with the customizability you probably would like for something like this.
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    Hmm, not exactly what I wanted. But thanks for looking!! I appreciate it!! :D
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    Bump!! Bump!! Still looking for this plugin!!
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    Finishing the bugs right now.
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    Thanks!! I appreciate it very much!!

    calebbfmv How is it coming?
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    Mate it's been 6-7 hours. He's 21 - he has a life. Give him at least 48 hours.
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    AndyMcB1 I have a life also. You saying i dont?
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    No, I'm just saying he might be busy or be out, or he mightn't feel like working on it right now. He doesn't even have to make this.
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    Jade Retired Staff

    This, and if that didn't imply it harshly enough, everyone here are volunteers, none of us are paid.
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    Bump!! Still need this plugin!!
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    Don't bump unless no one is doing this plugin. Bumping is so that more people would see this. Most people would already notice that someone is already doing this so that is why they aren't replying.
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    No one is making this... Thats why I bumped it.
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    As some of you might know, I am working on the Slender Stop it plugin, and that is taking most of my time. When I finish it, I will work on all my unfilled reqs.
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    You mean when you partner with someone and take credit for it.
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    Thank you for the un needed comment about something that happened a year ago.
    Look, I moved on, so should you OK? I am sorry I did not contribute what I should have OK? I was messed up.
    And just so you know, I am doing this ALL on my own, just because you hate life, doesn't mean you need to go spreading it around to everyone else.
    If you feel like sparking old flames, do it in private.
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