Plugin that lets you redo and undo a particular region?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Joshpho, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Hi there,

    I was wondering if a plugin existed that let you define a given region via a selection, and then set a command for cutting it and then undoing that cut? WorldEdit lets you do this to a degree, but you can't set a given command to it; i.e. the cut and the //undo with the cut will be lost after about 20 selections, and you would have to undo all 20 of those selections to even undo the cut.

    For example, I have a sports dome on my server where I would like to be able to take the top glass roof off in some instances, so players can play ball under the open sky, but then put this roof back on in other instances. Is there a plugin for this?

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    No, I do not believe a plugin exists that will do that.

    As for the roof, search controllerblock.
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    I think it might be possible to write a CraftScript for WorldEdit which does that for you, I will look into it, seems like an interesting task.
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    You CAN do this in WorldEdit. Select the glass area, stand next to it, use //copy, then //save <filename>. When you want to put it back, stand in the same place you copied it then do //load <filename> and then //paste.

    Or you could try CraftBook. I've seen it in YouTube and it seems like it's specifically designed for these things.
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