Plugin, that Block users from dropping a specified item or all items

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    I need a plugin, that Block users from dropping a specified item or all items and block users from using chests. Need only this feature without anything else. It's essential, if you have creative classes on survival server.
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    So when someone presses "Q" to "throw" an item? Or when the right/left click?

    May I ask the reasoning behind it? I only ask so I can get a better idea of what I need to write...

    Alright, so a plugin where if a player is in creative mode, they can't:
    • Use 'Q'
    • Put items in chests (may be hard to do, but I can try)
    • Place/Break blocks if they are within X distance of a non-creative player
    • Stop them from using certain commands (configurable, eg: "/shop")
    • Others?
    Of course (cause I love configs) everything would be configurable (eg: Which events are denied, Messages to show, etc)

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    I would like this plugin too @turt2live Thank You
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    turt2live Retired Staff

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    This is fantastic! Keep up the good work sir, a plugin like this will be invaluable!
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    OH That could be an issue...

    It means I compiled it in JRE 1.7.0 but you have (likely) 1.6.0

    I can't compile it at the moment, but when I get home I can
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    How you feeling mate? :)
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    I've updated the plugin to work with JRE 1.6.0.

    Change Log:

    Previous Versions of the Source and Plugin: Elderly File Brigade/

    Other Stuff:
    Static JAR Download: - STATIC.jar
    Static Source Download:

    90% of those links I'm not sure if you want, but I noticed Sayshal commented here and he loves those links. So I added them so he doesn't spam me for them later :3

    Mind testing the newest update I just committed? I can't test it on my server cause I'm on a crappy laptop :/

    Use the static link please :) (Or use the jar name "AntiShare - 1.0.1_1.jar")

    May I have your permission to post it on BukkitDev? Of course with the thread and your server listed in it :)

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    You should see his other plugins.. :)
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    I have posted it on BukkitDev for your pleasure :)

    Click Here!
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    I tried this plugin with 0 other plugins and haven't not been able to get the no chest interaction to work, blocks the blocks that are in the config but acts like it can't do anything else, so not drops, blocks the blocks, but interactions won't work. This is on 1.0 using the latest craftbukkit
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    CrafBukkit Build version and config.yml please.
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    # AntiShare Configuration:
    # Events:
    # 'block_place' - Blocks/items to deny for block placing
    # 'block_break' - Blocks/items to deny for block breaking
    # 'death' - Blocks/items to not allow to drop on death
    # 'drop_item' - Block/items to not allow to drop when a player presses (default) Q
    # 'interact' - Blocks/items to deny interactions to. (Left/Right click)
    # -- Want all blocks/items to be denied? Put a *
    # -- Want no blocks/items to be denied? Put: none
    # -- Make sure item lists are space-seperated, not commas, periods, or fancy other things!Messages:
    # All messages are when they are declined an action.
    # Chat colors are supported using the & sign (eg: &f = white)
    # Other:
    # 'only_if_creative' - Auto-decline if they are in creative, permissions still apply.
    # (eg: A player doesn't have the allow or decline permission to place, and is in creative, places a block: declined)
    # Permissions:
    # 'AntiShare.*' - Deny all events
    # '' - Deny block placing
    # 'AntiShare.break' - Deny block breaking
    # 'AntiShare.death' - Deny item drops on death
    # 'AntiShare.drop' - Deny item dropping
    # 'AntiShare.interact' - Deny interactions
    # -- If you want to allow an event, change the node to 'AntiShare.allow' (eg: '' would allow placing)
    # 'AntiShare.reload' - Permission to use /antishare
    # Commands:
    # '/antishare' - Reloads configuration
    # Aliases: '/as', '/antis', '/ashare'
    # Notes:
    # - Permissions default to all deny as true while all allow as OP or higher.
    # - 'only_if_creative' will override the permissions meaning if a player is in survival-mode while 'only_if_creative' is true then
    # the deny permissions will be ignored (eg: That survival player places a block: it is placed)
    # - The default settings decline interactions with furnaces, chests, dispensers, and chest-minecarts
    # - The event 'block_break' is set to 'none' because in creative-mode, no blocks are dropped when broken
    block_break: none
    block_place: 57 41 42 4
    death: '*'
    drop_item: '*'
    interact: 23 61 62 54 342
    block_break: You can't do that!
    block_place: You can't do that!
    death: You can't do that!
    drop_item: You can't do that!
    interact: You can't do that!
    only_if_creative: true
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    Fixed, updating (link should be fixed in <5 minutes of the time of this post being seen)
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    Could you update your project?
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    turt2live Retired Staff

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    This works fine on CB4.0. - Keep tweaking! and thanks for the plugin :)

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