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    Hello, we have had a griefer come onto our server and create a massive amount of lag with building a wall around our server of tnt and detonating it, if it can happen to us then it can happen to anyone, and so one of our staff members came up with the idea of this anti-lag mod/addon if anyone here is able to create this that way it will hopefully prevent this in the future.​

    What it does:

    This mod should stop water/lava/animals/explosions, anything from either setting off or moving, kind of freezing all lag making products in place, and gives the admin/staff the chance to walk up to it and delete whatever is causing the issue.​


    Because our server has been down for a while on the attempt to fix this issue, we felt it would be a good suggestion to help prevent it for any server out there, this would hopefully stop lag making griefers in general!​

    Suggested by: Vampirictorch an operator in my server.​
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    Just use world guard to prevent explosions
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    we have that, and the person used world edit to make the tnt, he was a poor judgment for operator, and because of this we can not rollback to remove it and have to start the seed over, we felt if this could happen to us, it can happen to most any private server, so figured we would post this suggestion. as it will allow people to remove world edit explosions without server crashes.
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    WorldGuard still will stop explosions

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