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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by tastybento, Dec 10, 2016.

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    Can anyone point me to where to set the status for a plugin I wrote in the new interface? One of them is marked as abandoned but isn't and I want to reset the status.
  2. @tastybento I don't think you can, releasing an update though should change it.
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    Just edit it in the settings panel of your plugin.
  4. @Lolmewn I don't think it's there anymore, I can't find it at least.
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    Oh damn, I didn't see they revamped BukkitDev. Don't know in that case.
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    @Lolmewn, add that to the list of things they screwed up on. They really rushed the release of this. It should have been given a public beta first.
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    I'm all for constructive criticism, and you'll certainly learn as I spend more time here that I'm more than happy to take the hard comments, but please do me a favor and make sure the comments are accurate. There was no rush for Bukkit, Bukkit was just a difficult beast. What we DID screw up on, was lack of communication and documentation. I'll own that, and as we move into the new year, I'm here to fix that. :] Bear with me, I'm almost up to speed.

    As for the original question:

    If you have a project that needs to be re-enabled, you can toss a ticket over at and whoever is on shift will pick it up for you. The new system has been around for a bit with other communities and that's how it has worked since day one. Very much intended.

    Until we get up to speed, if you have any questions or comments - feel free to shoot me a PM. I might not respond, but I'll make sure to read through them. It could very well help to the aforementioned lack of documentation.

    Thanks guys!
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    @MrFlamegoat, it has gotten a lot better. We were all very concerned about how long it would take to get these issues fixed. BukkitDev hosts hundreds and hours of each individual's work and we were not exactly thrilled when massive changes were made that broke a lot of the functionality we were used to. I can't even imagine how the developers of skript feel right now.

    It's great to see some communication from Curse though. It's been pretty quiet since the DMCA drama from the moderating end of this site.
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    Super appreciate the kind words of understanding and I totally get the words of concern :D Like I said, I'm happy to take a beating if we deserve it, and it's on us to communicate better what's happening behind the scenes, too.

    I wasn't here for what happened previous, so fresh slate for me. I hope that you guys will come to see Curse really does care about it's communities, we've just been so short handed and had so much on our plate it's been hard to relay that. Here's to the future, though!

    I'll have an FAQ post up after all the devs get back in town (myself included) - kind of a list of whats wrong, what we're fixing, what we can do and for honesty's sake, what we can't etc.
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