[PLUGIN REQUEST] Thief Catcher / Chest item tracker?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by likwidtek, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Basically the plugin would do this

    Each time a chest is created the chest has an owner some how. If I plop the chest down it's my chest. From there any time someone adds or removes items from a chest that they did not plop down/create/own, it logs it. And it could create a log file that simply looks something like this:

    It would ignore people taking items from their own chests.

    This is ideal for servers who don't want to lock chests or use LWC but need something to catch people who are taking items from other players. In our case we have a private server and we're all friends but items are ending up missing. This way we aren't preventing theft, we're catching the thief so that we can ban them.
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    This should just be added to one of the many grief logging plugins, rather than be a separate one altogether.
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    If it were added to something like BigBrother that would be great but I'd be ok with it as a standalone plugin. Either way I'd really like this functionality.
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    Yea, I'm planning to add this to BigBrother once the Inventory hooks and such get added.
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    This would be great. Any idea when that would be? Would you be able to assign ownership to a chest and would the plugin be able to tell the difference between me taking a diamond from my chest and me taking a diamond from your chest and know which to log?
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    I want this plugin, but with the added functionality that I can insta-ban the person who is stealing if I so configure it.
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    I don't agree with that. I mean in our case we will sometimes have community chests. I mean sure give people the option of this maybe but I think a human should intervene.
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    Sure make it conigurable or allow "group" ownership. Even chest protect allowed chests to be public, and thats needed in some cases.

    But I want the option to mark a chest as "steal from it, get banned from my server".
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    I remember this request... Wasnt something similar on hmod fora?
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    On the minecraftforum, acually.
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    Yeah, I remember the topic to, infact I went out to make a 'HoneyTrap' plugin that if users stole an item from a certain placed chest it would temporary ban the user.

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    Yes, is the source for that available? Will it support Bukkit?

    This is the sort of thing I will be spending dev time on if people force me to re-invent the wheel and just do not release their versions of the same functionality. ;)
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    why wouldn't you want to use chest protection?
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    For a legit world, where stealing must be dealt with by players, not admins?
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    Oh I would normaly do so if it was available, but this.. would be reserved for special cases and only be something admins could configure a chest to use.

    Given that there is so much interest in this, may I ask why nobody has released it yet?
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    Would need this sooo much :(

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