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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: SkyWars

    What I want: I would like a plugin that is based on the custom plugin on SkyWars. Players spawn on a small glass block above a small island on which are chests and resources. There is a countdown from 5 until a player is dropped onto the island below. Each game holds 8 players, and the islands are in a circular formation, with a small island in the middle containing many other rare items, such as diamond armor. Basically, the last man standing wins the game.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /skywars join - Join a game.
    - /skywars leave - Leave a game.
    - /skywars top - List the top winners of SkyWars.

    Ideas for permissions:
    - skywars.join
    - skywars.leave


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    RudyBx Don't bump within 24 hours
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    Anyone :/
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    You realize by saying this you are bumping it yet again
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    Yes I know that, moderators already pointed me to that
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    And by you pointing that out, you're bumping it. And by me pointing it out I'm bumping it, lets be honest, everyone's bumping it when they talk on here according to this logic?

    timtower found ur twitter somehow by mistake :p (OFFTOPIC)

    @Op this is a decent request and I hope that someone carries it out (ONTOPIC)

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    You sure of that OFFTOPIC
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    Almost 90 percent. I would link.. But.. Private convo will be initiated ;)
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    anyone have code that i can use
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    RudyBx This takes time. Plugin developers take alot fo time and work to geta plugin like this. For most people it will take month if not years of practise to make a plugin like dis.
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    If no one is going to custom code this it seems like another option that you could try would be using like a survival games plugin to replicate this. Just use your skyblock map and edit what blocks the players can break in the config. Then set the spawns on the different islands, and configure the loot in the chests.
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    Lol I made a pvp map called skyward on planetminecraft. I was working on a server and I am about 80% done. I am making it with few config files so it could not be used by any server.
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    If I coded a skywars plugin I would keep it to myself and one other person.
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    Why? It is so much more fun to share it! I'm wouldn't force anyone to, just saying that it is though.

    And anyways why would you post that here?
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    Would you be willing to make the map yourself? I don't think I could do this until I have the map to work with.
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    Yes, a map would be helpful. I have a plugin created for the Skyblock Warriors map by SwipeShot, and it could easily be adapted to any other map and work with the functionality you have described.

    If you upload a zip file with a world that you would like a plugin to use I can give you a version of my SkyWars plugin using that world.

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