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    Hello everyone,

    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: (Something like:) ServerToServerCMD

    What I want: I would like to have a plugin that allows you to connect multiple servers with each other (Please make it easy to configure) and that I can set a server as default server. All commands that are being executed in the Default server's Console, will be send to the other servers and on those server will be the same commands executed! I hope this is possible without creating/having any sort of Database.

    Ideas for commands: /stscmd reload - Reloads the configuration (all connected servers)

    Ideas for permissions: stscmd.reload - Gives the player permission to use: /stscmd reload.

    Huge thanks to the person who can create this for me!
    The person who makes this for me can get a [Dev] rank on my server!
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    Well as far as I know, there 2 ways of achieving this:
    1.- Having a global database for all of those servers.
    2.- Sending custom messages to each server and processing them.

    Maybe I could do it, so if anyone else wants to take it, then do so :)
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    3 way - use rcon console
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    Can you make this for me without any sort of database? If so please PM me!
    ~ minecraftfailzzz

    Thanks for your reply but for that you need a special minecraft client

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  5. I've just written a plugin that lets you share chat across servers and this could be extended to commands but I'd prefer, for security, to not have commands shared between servers.
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    Could you please make a special version for me then if you don't want to make it public? Plz pm me!
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    For whoever does this, you should look into Rcon. If nobody takes this project, I will :D
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    Could you please make it for me? Because I'm not looking for a remote control plugin. I'm looking for a plugin that sends a command to other servers, and its secured with a key connection between the servers via that plugin.
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    Well, RCon isn't secure. Would you need something that is very secure?
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    There's that Bungee cord thing. It's easy if you know what you're doing. Unfortunately, it doesn't have server-to-server commands. If you need any help with the setup, I might be able to help. I've gotten it working before.
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    The best way is probably RCON.
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    If he needs security, RCON isn't the way to go. It sends a plain-text password to authenticate, and there is no encryption in the packets whatsoever. Anyone could sniff out the password, or even easier, change the packet as it is being sent! It would probably be better to just make our own protocol.

    What exactly do you need this plugin for?
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    this is painful watching people repeat "use RCon"
    He wants a plugin that sends a command to other servers, and its secured with a key connection between the servers. Packet encryption would be the way to go im thinking. (if i have interpreted it right)
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    I know this sounds weird but there are a lot plugins that use irc chat to execute commands, and irc can be used with https connection so that is secure I think (correct me if I'm wrong). So you can use irc (psw protected channel) to link server consoles easily
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    How do you mean by that?
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    What you mentioned will not be secure. Https is for connecting to a web server, not an irc server. Besides, even if that did work, it would be a lot more work than necessary.
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    I know you dont want to use a database, but it would simplify the plugin and would most likely get it done quicker. Use a MySQL database to save the command on the other server. Then have the other server check if the tables contain something every so often. Then if it does contain a command, the server would run it. Really would make it much easier if you choose to use a database.
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    Sorry... I meant connection over ssl when I wrote https. And all data which sent over ssl, are encrypted, so I believe it's secure. As mIrc wiki says
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    It could work then, but it would be less work to just make a plugin to do it. Also, I think that this topic is pretty much dead, because minecraftfailzzz isn't responding.
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    I need it to use buycraft, I dont have enough money to pay for premium so I would like to have a plugin that sends all commands that are being executed in the Hub server, to the other servers i can set in the config.
    And sorry for my late respond! I was very busy the last 2 weeks! I'm sorry

    Yeah your right!

    I know that, and if there is no way to do it without I would like a plugin WITH MySQL. But there is one problem, I don't know how to use a MySQL database. But i think i can find that out. Also I use Skype a lot, so it will be pretty difficult to use both. But thanks for your reply!

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    So,you own a hub server and I guess a bunch of others, and you can't pay 15 for 3 months and you don't have a database?

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    I'm very sorry that I didn't respond! I was very very busy last 2 weeks! Now i have 1 week vacation so I can watch this tread more often!
    sorry again!
    - Minecraftfailzzz

    Yeah i cant pay that... Well i dont only want 3 months, i want for 1 year. and that's a lot money (I don't have)!
    But i might try the database thingy.

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    Did your host not give you a database?
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    No I host my servers on my Own PC. (a special server computer tough)
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    Alright I'm guessing you keep it on 24/7. You can use apache and phpmyadmin to set up a SQL database. From there the plugin is much easier to make.
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