[Plugin Request] Runescape style re-spawning [Fulfilled]

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    What I am looking for:
    I have been thinking of an idea for a mod that uses a Runescape based respawning style. So you die and you re spawn at the nearest "hub" (set point or area) which could be main spawn or a city. Would give a good feeling for RPG servers and allow you to find your lost items easier.

    Possible idea for name:

    Possible command ideas:
    Ideas for commands: /spawnhub sethub [name] (sets a spawn hub)
    /spawnhub removehub [name] (removes a hub)
    /spawnhub setadminhub (mabye creates a special hub that all admins respawn to)

    Some possible ideas for permissions:
    spawnhub.admin (sends player to adminhub on respawn and allows them to use all commands)

    If there is a mod that is like this or similar please point me to it in the comments

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    This plugin request seems interesting, and although I can't code a plugin myself, I have posted to say I would be very interested in seeing this done myself. +1
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    Already been made. Try looking uP grim reaper or graveyard
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    Ahh Thanks! Can't wait to try this out.

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