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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by greenglue, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Hello Developer Community!
    How are you? I am here on behalf of GreenTubbles, a Minecraft Fan Community, and we had an idea for our server which will be public soon. The thought of a custom mod intrested us and when we got this idea, it really sounded great! Its name is RAD. It is a very simple plugin and can probably be done within 1 week if not less. A brief description is that it has to do with radiation, it gives the player damage depending on their location. If you would like more details and wish to possibly develop the plugin for us, please contact me by PM or add me on Skype: mrgreenglue. GreenTubbles is willing to pay the developer of this plugin.
    Thanks and enjoy Minecrafting on behalf of GreenTubbles!

    Plugin Manager
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    It sound's interesting, i'm willing to hear more. - Adding you on skype
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    Still looking for a developer for this plugin. GreenTubbles is willing to pay up to $10 USD.
  6. Up to $10 USD for 1-2months. Good luck.
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    We do not need continued support. Just the plugin. Can you develop it for us?
  8. Not if it's going to take that long for such little reward, sorry.
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    /me wants to know more about the plugin.
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    I'll do it. I added you.
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    We now have 2 developers on hand, we will decide between them to have the plugin made.
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    Lol it's like a contest xD
    Anybody can make this plugin if they want to, you're just deciding who you're going to pay for it
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    Me and the Undead Crew can work on it soon if you havent found anyone
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    I can get it made within a few days, almost definitely less than a week, if the position is still open.
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    We have the dev.

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