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    Hi all,
    My friend and I host a private RP server, and would like the specific plugin to be made.
    There are different languages upon races, so what we would like is for:
    - It to be compatible with herochat 1.5.2
    - It to generate random letters and numbers when the ~ key is used before a message.
    - It to have groups to determine who can see the randomly generated messages ACTUAL message or not.
    - It to be compatible with Minecraft version 1.5.2 bukkit.

    So basically what I want to happen is.
    Say you're talking to your friend through roleplay. You are a different race apart from him, and another one of the same race walk up. They press the ~ (tilde) key and type in their message. (*INSERTNAME*: ~*INSERTMESSAGE*) and the people in the group of say 'human'(<--EXAMPLE) will see this message (you and your friend) but the people who are NOT in the group WILL NOT see the message but instead will see something like ~dnajkdnjk4gnkjfnkr (or something similar, as long as they can not decipher the message.) I may add that there only needs to be one added. That is for the tilde (~) key ofc.

    Our server is on 1.5.2, due to plugin requirements.

    Thank you in advance.
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    yeah sorry I wasn't able to get onto the main forum page since the school proxy. Thank you though.
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