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    Hello readers,

    I have an idea for the new horse update.


    When I finnally find a horse people kill it and that is annoying!!
    It protects your horse from people killing it!
    But mobs can still kill it.
    You can lock and unlock for people to sit on it.


    - myhorse.* Gives all permissions.
    - myhorse.help /mh help permission.
    - myhorse.claim.# Number of horses you are abled to claim.
    - myhorse.declaim Give you the declaim permission.
    - myhorse.lock Gives you the lock permission. [locked by default]
    - myhorse.unlock Gives you the unlock permission.
    - myhorse.admin Gives you the permission to check on other people


    /mh help help
    /mh claim Claims a horse
    /mh declaim Declaims a horse
    /mh lock To lock your horse from other poeple sitting on it. [locked by default]
    /mh unlock To unlock your horse
    /mh check [name] See the stats of a player

    More ideas?

    Thank for reading and sorry if my english is bad. [Im not english]
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    It would also be useful to be able to lock your horses/donkeys/mules so others can't take items from them. I'm afraid that someone will steal my horse armor since LogBlock and CoreProtect don't log that!
  3. No horse api until bukkit updates.
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    I would write something using what MC has... but since 1.6.2 is comin out, I'm gonna hold off.
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    so no one?
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