Plugin Request - Modified monster strength/drops/attributes based on distance from spawn?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Piginabag, Oct 20, 2014.

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    Seems like a simple request, but I'm not a modder so I don't know. Was wondering how feasible it is to create a plugin which modifies monster atrributes, skills and drops/drop rates based on how far away you are from spawn or a particular coordinate.

    My plan here is that the farther you get from spawn, the stronger the monsters get, and the better things they drop. Like, within a 3000 block radius around spawn, monsters are in "easy" mode, and then from 3000-6000, they're in "hard" mode, and so on. Maybe even after a certain point, skeletons start shooting exploding arrows at times and zombies gain the ability to burrow through walls.

    The point is to give players the incentive to explore for rare biomes far from spawn and challenge them if they choose to do so, while at the same time allowing players to stay in the "safe" part of the map. This also games players a sense of progression; "we got our asses kicked last time we ventured 15,000 blocks from spawn, let's gear up and try again".

    If this sounds possible and anyone is interested let me know.
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    This is a really interesting plugin, would love to see someone pick this up.
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