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    Hi Everyone This Is My First Plugin Request And Its Something New! Well Lets Get Started

    Name: MiningLuck

    Description:When You Go Mining, You Get A Chance Of Getting A Reward For Mining (Anything).

    Config Related: I Want To Be Able To Make A Custom Prize *INCLUDING COMMANDS!* And A Percentage Of How Often Theyll Get There Prize By Mining.

    Comments: I Think This Would Be A Insanely Great Plugin And I Would Use This For My Prison Server So They Can Get These Coins To Use At The Shop! Please If Anyone Out There Can Make This Happen I Would Be So Happy! Also Lucky Blocks Isn't This Plugin You Cant Do Commands Or Percentages Also Its Only ONE Block Thats Lucky So Anyone Please Do So Or List A Plugin So I Can Please Use! Thank You For Reading This Article! Have A Great Day :)
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    Is this already done as it gives the "Filled" ?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Think that the OP doesn't know what it means
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    Meh, OP rewrite your request and i'll do it.
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    oh thats what that means im sorry im new to the forums lol ill get onto that and ill repost
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    Locking this one since it's now a dupe. Head over here for the current thread discussion: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/plugin-mining-luck.296140/

    OfficialHalo Just a little tip, it is possible to edit your original post to remove the "Filled" part in the title instead of making a whole new thread. Since you're new, don't worry about it this time, but now you'll know just in case it ever comes up again.
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