Plugin Request: Hunger Games/ Last Man Standing Tournament

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    I recently got a server and it's been fun, but it lacked originality, since it was just a normal PVP server. However, me and aa few of my admins came up with an idea for our server, but it requires either a whole bunch of inner-connected plugins that won't work or a single plugins built just for this. Now, I'm not much of a programmer/coder. Believe me, I've tried. Anyway, my idea for the plugin is a Last Man Standing tournament. These are all the features it will have to include:
    1. A length of time for players to join, and they'll be invincible (but can't destroy blocks) and able to explore the map they will be in. There will be warnings of the time laft periodically.
    2. When the game starts everybody who isn't in the server gets temporarily "banned" or unable to join until the next match.
    3. When the game starts, there will be 3 minutes or so of "invincibility" where players can collect materials and spread out.
    4. When that time's up, the game starts and the invincibility disappears. Players can now pvp.
    5. When players die, they get kicked from the server so they cant get in until next round. (NOT just a timed ban like ban on death). If somebody tries to login, it will tell how many players remaining, etc.
    6. There will be like invisible walls that slowly close in over time, pushing the players close together. If the a wall get's near the player it will warn them in the chat continuously. If the wall hits the player they will lose hearts at a rapid pace. Obviously the wall will have to stop at some point or else the players would be "squished"
    7. There will be a congratulatory message for whoever wins, etc.
    So to sum things up, I want a plugin that puts players in a waiting area, and the server goes on lockdown when the match starts so no one can join. Then after invincibilty wears off, players can kill eachother and they slowly get kicked from the server, unable to join again. As the wall that hurts players closes in, people will kill eachother. When there's one player left the game will end and the whole thing will start again. I want this whole thing to be automated without any input from admins, mods.

    That is the plugin I want, and I'm hoping it can be the only plugin on my server instead of downloading tons of other stuff...My server will be solely based on this, but I'd like to turn it on and off. I really think this could turn out to be a cool plugin, but that's only if someone can make it..
    Please if you can do anything for this plugin, even just figuring out small part I would be very thankful!

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    this sounds awesome:D
    if your server solely uses this one plugin, this will we something likely doable
    thinking about these invisible walls, why do they have to be invisible?
    just adding some unbreakable glass?
    will take if no one other wants
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    Well yes, the walls could be a block i guess, it doesnt really matter as long as it hurts them and moves correctly.
    But so you're willing to do it?
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    Wow. Is this something you honestly thought up yourself? That is exactly how my tournies work... See:
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    Sounds awesome - I have an idea, instead of banning/kicking players, have a seperate world for the arena.
    I have read all the hunger games book.
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    Annnd, no. Played on my server quite a bit yesterday, I see. Had an alt-account banned for xray. I'm all for seeing a flaw in a great idea and stepping out on your own to make something better... but verbatim copying? That's just lame.
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    so you already wrote a plugin for this?
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    We have had this for about a year now.
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    interesting, but i think, you want to keep it for your server only?
    any chance for me to see the source? :D
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    I saw your server and tried it out a bit, and my idea is NOT copying. What your server does is there are tournaments every once in a while... I'm asking for a plugin where the process is automated and is held back to back.

    Also, I enjoy playing in these very mcuh. That's why I'm asking for a plugin since yours obviously isnt available. I'd like to enter more often but obviously yours isn't up, so I was hoping I could play it on my own server.

    I'm in no way trying to copy your idea. I just want to play it more frequently/be an admin for one.
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    How are you "in no way trying to copy our idea" when you described our server down to the detail. The only thing you changed in your statement was that you want it to be 24/7.

    And it's not like you play fairly seeing as you x-ray. Who wants to play this with a group kids x-raying because you clearly don't have a problem with it.
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    Who said I'm x-raying? When I said that I meant I'm not trying to have an exact replica of your server to where I could steal your players. What's wrong with wanting to have the plugin in order to play more?
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    I've got 2 new ideas:
    - do not block connections when playing but teleport players in a lobby
    - if a player don't hit anyone while 5 minutes, he's eliminated

    What will be the IP of your server ?
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    I like the first idea, that's another improvement.
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    Hey KingWar92,
    good idea, i will note that :)
    I like this plugin and i am thinking of writing it.
    since this idea based out of your servers setup i am friendly asking to use the idea/see the source and perhaps improve it.
    Please reply!
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    ? He said he would perhaps try to improve it..
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    are you ignoring me? ^^^
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    I want this plugin aswell and am willing to pay.
    xxxxdead banned me for no reason on not even joking bro, I play fucking legit, I was running through a snow biome past ruined villages and he tp's to me and kills me then bans me.
    he wouldn't unban me because we wouldn't admit he was wrong.
    Chargedback the donation, bitch.
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    this is like 'The SurvivalGames' which is arenas and you cant break blocks etc

    Where as what hclewk has is different that is the HUNGERGAMES where like 100 or more people r set into a map and hav to survive (like normal but more fast paced)

    Btw dont wanna say it butt...

    ftbastler made 'The Bukkit Games' and the plugins 'TheBukkitGames' and 'kHungerGames' are almost identical
    I dont want any technical crap just thought I should say it AND in the "Official" mcpvp stream a guy who said he knew what he was talking about said that hclewk "Remade" the plugin

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    You just bought back a thread from the dead :/
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