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  1. Plugin category: Fun?

    Suggested name: Don't care really, just need it done

    What I want: A plugin similar to plotme, but the plot starts off with a default house. Then, when the player earns enough money, he or she can do /h upgrade to upgrade the house on the plot.

    Ideas for commands:
    /house - Assigns a new plot with the default house
    /house upgrade - Upgrades the current home if the player has enough money
    /house save [name] - saves a region selected with world edit
    /house order - shows the order in which houses are upgraded
    /house setorder [housename] [number] - Puts house into the list of upgradable houses
    /house delete [name] - Deletes house that is saved
    /house redefine [name] - Redefines house with the region that's selected
    /house clear - clears the plot and starts over (Configurable)-Player must type a confirmation key
    /house reload - reloads config and date

    Ideas for permissions:
    house.new - perms for /house
    house.admin - includes house.save, house.setorder, house.reload, house.delete, and house.redefine
    When I'd like it by: A month maybe? Not sure how long it should take
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    It would probably take a few days, I don't know, Up to 2 weeks, Unless your working 24/7 on this.

    I am not saying i am making it, I am just giving an opinion.
  3. Anything helps man, thanks for the quick response
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    Haven't been on bukkit a few days, You're welcome!
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