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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Gangstas

    What I want: A plugin that will act like Grand Theft Auto in a way, you will have a club to start with, and gradually earning money from kills, you can buy new weapons (pistol, SMG, grenades, RPG,etc.) from a gun shop in that area. The mini game will be based in major cities (NYC, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc.) and you can select the entire area (you can't leave the arena) and make it functional! I envision that you can use grenades or other explosives and blow a hole in the ground/building/whatever but it will regenerate over time. Last part: a command to form a "gang" or join a "gang" so you can easily become powerful!

    Ideas for commands:
    /gangstas help (to list the commands for gangsters)
    /gangstas createarena [arenaid](To make the area selected with WorldEdit become a functional arena)
    /gangstas enablearena [arenaid](dur)
    /gangstas disable arena [arenaid]
    /gangstas addshop [arenaid]
    /gangstas setspawn [arenaid] (to set the spawn of the players in that arena)
    /gangstas addsign (to make a WorldEdit-selected sign become a join sign for that arena)
    /gang form [gangname] (to make a new gang)
    /gang join [gangname] (to join another player's gang)
    /gang evict [username] (to kick a player out of your gang)
    /gang ban [username] [gangname]

    Ideas for permissions:
    gangstas.admin (to use any command with /gangstas before it, and /gang ban)
    gangstas.user (to use any command with /gang before, besides ban)

    When I'd like it by: May 31st, 2014
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    EDIT: The name of the plugin, commands, and ingame text is now MOBSTERS. NOT GANGSTAS!
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    I am planning a FULL gta V plugin this includes:
    *kewl tp/join effects
    **JOBS* maybe
    this list is quite big and it would take allot of time but i wont bother making just this if i am going to make it i am going to make it all!
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    Removed posts advocating monetary offers.​
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    Iroh I'm not offering money for any plugins, sorry for any disturbance. [fire]
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    I told you to tag me in every post you make so I can make this for you
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    Going to make this as well, so yea

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