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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Insomnia-GTA, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Hello! I am looking for a developer to make me a combat tag plugin to my specifications.

    Suggested name:
    - Insomnia-GTACombatTag

    No commands needed for this plugin.

    - commbattag.bypass
    Doesn't le you get combat tagged.. (if you are the tagger, you can logout without bing killed... if you are tagged, you won't die on logout)


    - Can you make a prefix for the plugin? Here it is: '&7[&e&lInsomnia-GTA &5Combat Tag&7]

    - Tag message - '%prefix% &cCombat tag enabled! (Time: 10 seconds) Do not logout or you will die!'
    - Can't use commads during combat- '%prefix% &cYou can't use commandswhile in combat!'

    Disabled Worlds:
    Can you add this in the config or can you pre-add in in the code. I want the disabled worlds to be: Hub-1, Hub-2, GTA-MAP

    Mob Tags:
    - Allow mobs to also tag you

    Disable Commands:
    - Can you disable all commands while you are tagged (tagged and tagger)

    Tag Time:
    - 10 seconds

    - When a player is tagged (tagged and tagger), if they logout they will die! (Lose all items and armour)
    - Be sure that a player doesn't die if they are kicked or if the server restarts (and tagged at the same time)
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    I don't believe it's possible to detect if they leave the game by the server shutting down.
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    @Regablith hmmmmm.... Then if it's not possible it's ok!

    But if you can please do so
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    @Insomnia-GTA Sure.

    @Insomnia-GTA Here's your plugin! CombatTag.jar
    The way I checked for the server restart involves the permission combattag.stop. Please give this permission to every rank that can stop or restart (not reload) the server. Ops are automatic.

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    Go Check out this plugin if you have eclipse maybe you can go in and edit the prefix
    It does detect if a player leaves the game well in combat it kills them
    can edit tag time im pretty sure
    Can disable commands while in combat in config
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    @buddyboy44141 But will it affect players leaving the game when the server shuts down? I think not.
    @Insomnia-GTA Best to use mine.
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    Thanks every one for the help!

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