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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Semirotta, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Could someone create Clay plugin
    Using workbench:
    Adding 1 x dirt , 1x gravel , 1x Bucket full of water = 4 Clays
    After craft -> you get empty bucket and 4 clays for yourself.

    is this possible? would be awesome!
    the normal clay creating plugins are so heavy plugins my server dont like them
  2. This can be done using CraftBook's cauldron... Though water is tricky with it (might need 4 dirt at least with the current recipe)... just google it up' =)
  3. thank you, ill look when iget back home
    but still would be better if there is plugin for workbench craft instead of cauldron-.-''
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    there's already plug-ins that allow custom crafting recipes, have you tried those?
  5. could u link me?
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    we COULD but the rules say search before posting so ever think of typing something along the lines of Custom or Craft into the plugin search? :)
  7. i have a bad english , i can write better than i can read and understand.
    I wouldnt be asking for help if id know and it was plugin REQUEST , i dont like cauldron and i believe it could be easy thing to do for a plugin developer to create simple clay plugin which would work with the working bench
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    I've updated my plugin GravelClay to include a recipe where 1x gravel and 1x water bucket yield 4 clay dust and 1 bucket. You can use the configuration to turn off the other 2 features of the plugin if you feel it's too heavy for your server.
  10. oo this is nice 1 thank you there!
    does the itemconvert=true <-- mean if u toss the items in workbench -> it gives clay and the blockconvert means that if water just hits blocks it turns them into clay?
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    The itemconvert is if gravel is dropped into water it'll turn into clay dust, and blockconvert would be if gravel is placed into water, it turns into a clay block.

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