Plugin Remake: MoreChests

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by krlsmnk, Aug 26, 2018.

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    Minecraft Version: 1.13

    Plugin page found here:

    Don't want to necro a 3 year old thread, so I'll just ask here instead.
    Cannot get in touch with Dev. Source code link is broken.

    1. Remake MoreChests content:
    • 9 chests crafting recipe = 9 page chest
    • 9 ender chests crafting recipe = 9 page ender chest (can be smaller if storing shulker boxes inside would cause NBT overflow)
    1. Add support for Hoppers (into and out of regular page chests. Ender chests can be ignored)
    2. Add chest opening /closing sounds for paged chests
    3. Add support for AutomaticInventory plugin found here:

    EDIT: Source link on Spigot page for AutomaticInventory is broken. Use this one:
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @krlsmnk Did you check the source links? Because both are broken.
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    Yikes. What an oversight on my part.
    Edited OP with updated link to the AI source code.

    I'll edit this post if I can find someone with the code for MoreChests. It's not insanely complicated, and would be pretty easy to remake if need-be.

    If I can't find it in a couple days, I'll update this thread to be something along the line of "plugin remake" instead of update.
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    Bumping this since it's been several days and I can't get the source code for the original plugin. Thread edited to specify Plugin Remake rather than tweak/update.
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    Gonna bump this since it's been 4 days.
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  7. Gonna make this. Don't expect it to be exactly like the mentioned plugin. But I love the idea of a craftable multi-inventory chest.
  8. I once coded something like this for myself.
    Saw your request, so I updated it and published it at dev.bukkit.
    I will definitely add hopper support, I didn't even think about that before.
    The auto-sort thing could take a while.
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