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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Retricide, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Just thought Id compile a list of plugins that I recommend, and a brief description of each.
    This list isn't complete, and ill be touching it up the next few days.
    I still have to write the first two sections, but the rest are done...for now.
    I wrote this on my iPad today, so it might be a bit cluttered, with some spelling errors here and there. I'll be touching it up the next few days. If a section is unclear to you, please say so. I will do my best to clean the section up and clarify.

    Last thing; These are just my OPINIONS on plugins, based on my experiences. I'm not trying to convince anyone of a plugin's "quality" or "effectiveness," these are solely my opinions. With that said, if An overwhelming amount of peopled have had a problem with a plugin, Ill remove it.

    This is nothing official, these are merely my recommendations because I've been asked by multiple people.
    If anyone needs any plugin or server organization help, feel free to post here or on the "Bukkit Consulting Firm" thread.
    I hope this helps our some of our new server-owners. :)

    Recommended Plugins (open)

    Permissions (open)

    Startup scripts (open)

    -Java Params:
    -Example startup script:
    -Server Remote Toolkit:

    General (open)

    Essentials (open)

    -Essentials (only essentials.jar and essentialsspawn.jar)
    The All-in-one plugin for bukkit. Contains home commands, basic teleportation commands, item spawning, /god and other "cheats", banning and moderation commands, warps, spawn control the most minimal "multi-world management," and various fun commands.

    If you know how to remove commands from a plugin's/.jar's "plugin.yml" file, It is recommended you mix and match essentials with tele++, Spawny, MCBans, MCDocs, and Multiverse 2.0..

    Alternative Suite/Combination (open)

    Alternatively, you can get a more specific array of plugins by foregoing essentials, and using the following set of plugins:

    Covers the most general commands. Easily customized to include only the commands you want, by using and website to customize your commandbook.jar. Includes features such as [/I]/item, /motd, spawn management, extremely basic teleportation, banning and kicking, and various "fun" commands.[/I]
    I recommend you customize commandbook so it does not contain spawn management, teleportation, nor banning commands. We will use more advanced and comprehensive plugins to cover those aspects.
    Advanced teleportation commands.
    Advanced home management.
    Advanced Warp commands.
    Unlimited text documents with color and custom variables.
    Simple, yet complete, multi-world spawn management.
    Ban management that interfaces with an online database so you can get history on your players and their past "endeavors."
    -MultiVerse 2.0:
    Extremely advanced multi-world and portal management.
    Simpler multi-world management plugins are possible and work just as well. I also recommend WorldManager or PinApp.

    Administration (open)

    Cuboid editing. Edit massive regions with a few simple commands.
    World editing tool.
    -WorldGuard (requires WorldEdit):
    Allows for a variety of changes to minecraft and its mechanics.
    Blacklist items, disable explosions, disable weather, disable firespread, and customize various and sundry aspects of minecraft and it's mechanics.
    Also, region protection is included. This allows you to define custom cuboid regions and customize the flags in those regions: Prevent blocks from being placed/destroyed, disable mob spawning, disable fire spread, etc.
    Set limits to all/any of your maps. Multiple-world. Feature rich. Necessary to limit excess chunk creation/loading/unloading - a leading cause of server lag.
    Creates backups of any/all specified world(s), at a user-specified interval. Every server should have periodic map backups.

    Moderation (open)

    Ban management that interfaces with an online database so you can get history on your players and their past "endeavors."
    Block, command, chat, and chest logging and history.
    Extremely important to any server. Requires knowledge of, and access to, a MySQL database server.
    Stop cheaters from using client-side mods to exploit your server. There are permission nodes to bypass the plugin. Use in conjunction with OretoClientObfuscation.
    Simple "vanish" plugin. Allow your moderators to spy on potential-griefers, without them knowing. Requires Spout. Supposed "Zero" chance of invisibility failure. Superior to VanishNoPickup.

    Town Management/ Region protection (open)

    Residence (open)

    -Residence: Region protection with recursive subzoning. Allow users to create their own plots; Assign a maximum number of plots per person and size per plot. Users can set indivudal permission to allow their friends to edit their plots, but not others.

    Or. if you're server is based around towns, give Residence creation permission to a specific group; your town mayor group.
    Or alternatively, restrict creation to moderators and above. For towns to be made, users must apply (usually on a forum), get their application approved, and then pick out an area for their town. Then, a moderator (or someone higher in rank) will create a residence town, and assign ownership to the designated individual. Town expansion is possible, but the user expanding must be able to create residences (permission node).
    The town/Residence owner can then make subzones and sell, or give, them to users. These sub zones act as plots, which are protected to individual users.
    This is just an outline of a town system. If you would like a more in-depth explanation, message me (@Retricide) or visit my server (

    Towny (open)

    -Towny: Chunk based town system. Town mayors can expand their towns as more people join their town, increasing the amount of chunks their town is allocated. Fantastic system that moderates itself. However, towny is limited to 16x16x128 chunks, this means plots, and towns, must be composed of only 16x16x128 plots. There is no exception to that rule for Towny

    Residence allows users to create their own residences and protect their own plots.
    For towns, however, Residence centralizes all power to higher ranks (preferably). This will require more intervention from higher ranks for towns to run smoothly. However, that brings a very strong sense of security to a server.
    Towny is a very simple and self-moderating town system. It is very simple to install and allows your users to manage their own towns, without intervention.

    Do not use both plugins, on the same world, for towns. Select one. I have used both and think very highly of both of them. My server uses both plugins, each with it's own world. The Residence world is very regulated, but has distinct themes and is more creative focused (though it is survival based). My Towny world is more PvP and Survival based, though towny is active as it provides goos region protection. I make users apply on my forums to get access to the town creation rank, bur applications are seldom rejected.
    This is just how I implement these two plugins on my server. You're welcome to draw ideas, from my server, if you wish..

    Economy (open)

    -iConomy: The most used eConomy plugin. Easy to setup. No bugs. Highly recommended.
    -HeavenActivity: Give users iConomy income based on their activity level. Tracks chat, block placement/destruction, and movement so it can calculate how much income a user deserves. Highly customizable. Allows for income percentage based (on a users current amount of money) or a static amount. Prevents exploitation by preventing users from idling and getting income.

    Essentials: If using essentials, iConomy is still recommended. Do not forget to specify your economy system as "iConomy" in plugin config files. EssentialsEco works, but iConomy is recommended.
    Trade (open)

    Simple global, command based shop. Set prices for certain items, and let your users buy/sell to the market.
    Player owned shops. Lets users create aesthetically pleasing "showcases," which enable other players to chase items from the showcase, and thus, the showcase owner. Easy to create and buy from/ sell to the showcase shops.


    -VirtualShop: Multi-featured shop system. Allows users to put their own items for sale in a global, command based market, and purchase other users items from that same market. Also allows users to exchange select items for iConomy money (such as gold for cash).

    Mechanics (open)

    -FalseBook (all parts):
    Adds gates, bridges, light switches, water locks, toggleable areas, etc.
    Also includes minecart mechanic additions: Booster blocks, holding blocks, chest dispensers, and more.

    Security (open)

    -Lockette: Simple, minimal, sign-based chest, door, furnace, and dispenser protection. Simple to use, no setup, and leaves no imprint on your server's memory/performance.

    Chat (open)

    -HeroChat (for PEX or GM+): Chat formatting and custom chat channels.


    -mChat (SuperPerms based Permission systems): Chat formatting.
    -mChannel (WIP): Chat channels.

    Miscellaneous/Extras (open)


    Creative (open)

    -UCreate v2.0:
    Complete Plugin for any creative world. Multi-world.
    Case. Closed.

    RPG (open)

    For the most comprehensive and customizable RPG plugin:
    Create your own custom classes and let your users level up [and progress. Skills and abilities are also included.

    Or, for a more "Drop-and-play" RPG plugin, requiring minimal to no setup, use McMMO.

    Both plugins are multi-world toggleable.

    I will be adding server-bundle lists.
    Meaning, I will have a few lists, each for a different "type" of server, so new server-owners can avoid all the customization chaos, and simply have a list of plugins. These lists will include no explanations, but be assured, they will cover all aspects of plugin and necessities a server needs.
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    Don't use MCBANS, use CommunityBans
    1) No avo coming after you
    2) they wont give out private info like mcbans

    Dont use Vanishnopickupm use vanishnopacket. vanishnopickup makes you appear for a few secs when teleporting, nopacket does not
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    It says that Lockette is inactive, does the last release work or perhaps another mod?
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    You should definitely add Pail and PailPlus to this list, really, the best GUI out there
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    Also LWC not Lockette
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    Lockette still works. I use it on my server, and I know many servers that still use it.
    If it becomes unusable in the future, I will remove it, but a different dev. might fork and continue it.

    I've seen Pail and PailPlus, but never tried them. I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    CommunityBans is still in development, or did it get moved to "released plugins?" If it did get moved, I will probably replace MCBans with it.
    I will replace VanishNoPickup with VanishNoPacket. Thank you for the suggestion.
    Lastly, LWC is inferior to Lockette for many reasons, in my opinion.
    It has been notorious for causing server lag, with or without MySQL (Though there are less complaints with MySQL). I used it a long time ago, and I had severe lag with it. I isolated the source of the lag, and by removing LWC I simultaneously removed the lag. If it really has been "optimized" I will look into that, but Lockette's simplicity, yet comprehensiveness, is what makes it such an amazing plugin. It requires NO chat commands, no MySQL or SQL database (a lot of new server-owners can't, or aren't physically able to, setup a MySQL server), requires no learning curve, and has NO impact on server performance (due to its storage methods). It is the simplest, yet feature rich, chest locking plugin out there. If it isn't forked and continued (which I think it will be), then I will consider LWC as a replacement (both for the list and my server) if it truly has been "optimized" for performance.
    Despite Lockette being inactive, I recommend it be used.
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    Well I didn't realize how many mods are needed to run a server and I doubt I could get them all to work with no problems. So I guess I will give up on the idea of having my own server.
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    Try Pail, or Crafty. But Pail is better
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