Plugin of The Week Poll #1

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Who Should Win POTW #1?

Poll closed Aug 14, 2011.
  1. MobDisguise

  2. Heroes

  3. Spout

  4. Citizens

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    I have counted up the votes. Sorry but all the plugins that got only 1 vote are ruled out.

    The following made it:
    • MobDisguise
    • Heroes
    • Spout
    • Citizens
    Rules for Voting #1:
    • Plugin Devs must not vote on there own plugin that made
    • Once you have made your vote you can't change it
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    You can subtract one vote from Citizens' total when the voting is over, as I voted for Citizens before seeing the rule. :p
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    I voted for Heroes not knowing wtf this was -1 Heroes +1 Citizens ;D
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    Heroes by far. :eek:
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    @RightLegRed also accidentally voted for his own plugin, so don't do any subtracting at the end as our mis-votes evened each total out. :D
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    Ah so I'm not subtracting after all?
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    Correct. This whole thing would have been much simpler if RLR and I followed directions. <.<
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    Shit happens. :)
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    Bump, for last day.

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    merry thread, merry poll

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    Idk... I really like three of them :p I voted for the one with the most potential, Spout.
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    Yes I love Spout!

    CONGRATS TO Heroes!

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    did he win?
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    Actually if we look again its a tie between Heroes and Citizens.
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    I didnt even know there was a vote going on, WTF!
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    I think the fact that Citizens and Heroes both won means that there is some secret, behind the scenes collaboration between the two. ;)
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    Oh well congrats anyway.
  20. I personally hate spout, because it needs the people to install stuff theirselves too, and I'll have to explain every n00b how to install stuff.

    I wish there was some kind of way to use a plugin that could install custom content and without the need of a client plugin, So that you can just join a server and you'll download all files to a Temp folder and when you'll leave it gets deleted.
    (Like MTA:SA)
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    Hello there, did I forget to say this is not for bashing the so called bad plugins?
  22. Where did I say it's a bad plugin? I just wanted to say this somehow.
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    Well I created these threads to give a positive lift to the plugins and try and get then heard more. Saying you personally hate spout isn't really positive right? That's negative talk because you showing hate. You could go on there IRC or in there thread and voice your concern, they would be happy to hear you out.
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