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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by n31ln3t, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Ok, so I'm learning bukkit plugin development, from TheBCBroz's youtube channel, and I've done everything what he has done but yet when I use start.bat the server doesn't say anything about the plguin, and when I go in-game and type /pl my plugin doesn't get shown in there.

    Here is the plugin code:
    Plugin.yml code:

    Thanks to all those who help
    Neil :)
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    Put @EventHandler upon onCommand
    Put @Override upon onDisable
    Put @Override upon onEnable
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    Your code looks fine. Any errors? (probably not since you said there are no messages)

    Make sure you exported all contents of the project

    You don't put @EventHandler over a command :\

    You don't need @Override on either of those methods.

    None of those things will help his code, just in the long run make it worse.

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    Really ? o_o
    Then what's @Override for ?
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    @EventHandler is for events, self explanatory
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    @Override is to have the compiler check that the annotated method is indeed overriding a method of a super class, and in Java 6 an interface method. Generally it is a good idea to have it there, so you know you did something wrong.

    EDIT: did you actually deploy your plugin?
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    I added the @EventHandler on the onCommand method. And added the overrides on OnEnable, and OnDisable methods.

    I also did the exportation, is this correct for the exports?
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    Anyone? Please?
  9. try this for your plugin.yml

    name: Youtube
    version: 1.0
        description: Sent!
        usage: /sendme
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    Nope, still no word from console, I used find word, to see if there was a word youtube up and down, and I checked it word for word. I really, don't know what to do.
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    Guys, I need help
  12. n31ln3t
    You don't use an event handler for onCommand. You using event handlers for events and your class has to implement listener.

    @Override is not really necessary as it will process your on enable anyway. Its optional so you can just remove that function from your class if you aren't doing anything with it.
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    Make sure you actually put your jar in plugins folder. Make sure there are no tabs in plugin.yml. You don't need .settings folder, .classpath and .project.
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