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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by filurp, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Hi, im Keiran. I have recently started Java coding and Developing Plugins and i am creating a plugin called 'fCommands' which is like a mini Essentials. I have no errors in my .java but when i put the plugin on my server and reload. It doesnt come up... All help is appreciated and thanks in advance! - My console after reload - My plugin.yml - Main plugin [.java]
  2. Right, first off, you need to learn to read the error stacks.
    This tells you that the error is in plugin.yml. "InvalidPluginException: Invalid plugin.yml". This means you didn't give it a required value, or messed up the formatting.

    now, the problem is the tab character. Yaml CANNOT AND WILL NOT accept tabs for indentation. you must use spaces. This is what the "found character `\t`" part is on about.

    Replace tabs in plugin.yml with double spaces and it should start working.

    Hope this helps, have fun developing plugins.
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    Check your yml file :
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